Burgers seem to be a theme with us lately.  After our recent Burgster and Good Wolf UberEATS take-in meals, we thought we’d give popular local Ze Pickle a try.  So how did they shape up against the other local stars?

I have to say, it’s really hard to resist ordering a burger when you’re at home and hungry, and you know it’ll be at your door within about half an hour.  After the last two successes, having heard so much about Ze Pickle we wanted to give them a go and see how they stacked up.

As usual, using the UberEATS app was super easy, order made along with the extras we selected, and a ping on my phone to let me know it was being prepared.  Plus an estimated delivery time, always handy when you are very hungry (maybe a little hangry too)(hanger, def: concurrently hungry and angry, a condition that can be scary for family and friends of sufferers).

Aaand in a record 27 minutes later (thankfully for my family), a delicious smelling UberEATS bag arrived at our door.  First impressions: take a look at the presentation, it’s awesome.  This is how you present a take-in meal, my friends:

Ze Pickle via UberEATS, Relish Food and Life

For dinner I chose the Chee-ze – pressed wagyu beef patty, maple bacon, health, fried onion straws, Ze Pickle sauce and jack cheeze ($16).  What is health?  Why, lettuce and tomato of course!  Ze Pickle has a cheeky sense of humour which I love, and clearly reveres ze meat and ze cheese (sorry ’bout the bad joke – I had to…).  Both big ticks for burger lovers.

So how was it?  Delicious smokey and sweet flavours, the maple bacon was a highlight, house made patty, fresh bun and a great sized burger. I love pickles so really enjoyed the fresh one on top.  What was missing was some more sour flavour in my burger to balance the flavours (did I mention I love pickles?), but regardless, the sweet smokiness is very tasty and it’s a tasty burger.

Chee-ze from Ze Pickle, Relish Food and Life

Sime’s burger?  The Chew by Chew – double pressed wagyu beef patties, double American cheeze, with stout smoked bacon and Ze Pickle sauce ($19), to which he added smoked jalapeños ($3).  He said they nailed the smokiness, to the point that he even thought the bun was smoked.  Sime loved the pickle on top, said the burger held together well, made with a fresh bun, home made patties, delicious bacon and the smoked jalapeños were great (as a spice fiend, he just wanted more of them).  Sime said (and I quote), “if you love your smoked meats, this is the burger for you”.

Chew by Chew from Ze Pickle. Relish Food and Life

For a side we ordered Ze Chips – with IPA beer cheeze sauce, maple smoked bacon  and Ze Pickle sauce  ($12.5).  So what is IPA beer cheeze sauce?  I cheated and Googled it, it’s a cheesy beer sauce that sounds delish.  The chips were crunchy and tasted great with the bacon, shallots and sauces.  In fact, the picture will tell you how yummy they were:

Ze Chips from Ze Pickle. Relish Food and Life

So what was ze verdict?  (#sorrynotsorry about ze jokes)  Ze Pickle celebrates all things meat and indulgence and takes the p*(& out of itself while it’s at it which is awesome.  We really enjoyed our burgers and fries, and I highly recommend a take-in or visit.

So, from our 3 UberEATS Burger Take-ins, who is our favourite (so far)?

For us, The Good Wolf is #1 for burgers, with our favourite side so far Burgster’s Truffle Chips.  It’s a close race though, all three are all seriously great contenders.

So why not try them all with your own Take-in or Burgerfest 2017 and see what you think?  Go on, I dare you.

Ze Pickle
1/37 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads
Monday to Friday 5pm till late, Saturday and Sunday 12pm till late
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