If you’re visiting my blog for the first time, you might think, “well, there’s been no posts since November last year, maybe she’s given up on her blog…”. But no, that’s not true. Today I’m going to share a story with you, a cautionary tale, which ends in a slow, triumphant return.

Did you know (fun fact) I’ve been blogging about food for 10 years?

 So when, back in February this year, I tried to log in to my blog and there was nothing. A blank screen, a flashing cursor… combined with a feeling of terror.

Due to a Malware attack (I curse Malware attackers everywhere. Why!?) I lost 3 websites worth of content. Two of those were my business websites. And then there’s the blog with 10 years of content. Gone.

After a mini-brain explosion, I started collecting my thoughts and engaged a consultant to help me try and resuscitate them all.

It took a couple of months work with the input of multiple consultants, but we managed to restore my Copywriting business website, and my food blog limped back into life with 4 months of work missing.

That might not sound too bad, but there were images missing, about a hundred broken links, and I was in the middle of a rebrand which needed to be completed.

Plus… there’s the other business I run(for any stickybeaks out there, I’m also a copywriter: aliedgar.com) and the two small humans who started school this year (and it’s true, school days go very fast).

What did I learn? (for any fellow, or aspiring bloggers) (warning: if you’re not… you may find this a bit boring):

  • Choose your web host carefully. I went from a web host who left all back-ups and security up to yours truly. I now have a web host who (for the same cost) do back-ups and security checks for me.  Thank you SiteGround.
  • Write your blog posts in MS Word (or something similar) and save all your images somewhere else so you can resurrect everything if things turn pear-shaped.
  • Choose your consultants (to revive your blog if anything happens) carefully. Yes, mine were great but with lots of help and input from me.
  • WordPress is great… but did you know it’s subject to more hacking and malware attacks due to the sheer number of people who use it? So get your security right people.


So here I am, 1 July 2018, saying I’m back (cue: music from Rocky). Explaining where I’ve been.

Committing to continuing to blog about GC food and share the best tips on where to eat.

I’m back, baby!

I'm back, baby! | Relish Food and Life

Image credit: The Film Spectrum