We’ve all had those times where we’re over it and can’t be bothered cooking.  So what’s not to love about having delicious, fresh gourmet meals delivered to your door?  Cue: UberEATS with some gourmet burgers from Burgster, Palm Beach!

I’ve been wanting to try UberEATS for ages… I still remember the first time I saw the concept.  In Melbourne some time ago at Industry Beans (Fitzroy) enjoying an amazing brekky.  It was pretty cold and I was thinking – just imagine, one of those lovely brown paper bags arriving at your door when you’re still in your PJs with a gourmet brekky – bliss!

But what would it really be like?  Could you end up with food that didn’t survive the journey well?  Soggy salad? Limp chips?  Cold melted cheese?

That’s why I was pretty excited when the lovely crew at UberEATS offered me a trial.  A veritable buffet of GC food options, delivered to yours truly with no cooking or leaving the house required.  Woot! (people like us with small children will really get this: meals out just generally aren’t relaxing).

We decided to order on a Friday evening (if you’re like us, that’s the night you usually feel like take out [or take-in, in this case]).  I downloaded the UberEATS app to my iPhone, and scrolled through the options available.  You can pretty much get most styles of cuisine and budget (even Maccas), so can choose whatever takes your fancy.

Because it was Family Funday Friday (and because we have limited willpower  to eat healthy, and love burgers) we decided to give Burgster in Palm Beach a try.  We are big fans of The Good Wolf’s (Miami) burgers so wanted to see what these guys had to offer.

The app made it easy, scroll through, find your cuisine of choice, click on what you want to order, add notes if needed, then pay.  Voila!  Your phone notifies you that your order is submitted.  An estimated arrival time pops up.  If you want (for the hungry diners) you can then follow the driver’s progress to your door.  Then you’ll receive a message when the driver arrives at your door.  The kids loved that – they ran out to greet him, pleased to report that he was friendly which was great.

For us, total time between order and arrival was about 20 minutes.  Record speed really, faster than if we ordered and drove ourselves.  Bravo Burgster and speedy UberEATS driver.

So what was the meal like when it arrived in its groovy looking brown paper bag?  (drumroll).

Uber Eats Brown Paper Bag - Relish Food and Life

Brisket Burger & Truffle Fries, Burgster Palm Beach, delivered by Uber Eats - Relish Food and LifeSime had the Smoked Brisket with special spice rub, BBQ sauce, pickles, red onion & chilli jam ($15), on the Brioche bun.  He said it had a nice smoky flavour, tasted like a cross between pulled pork and brisket which was great.  The brisket itself was perfectly cooked, tender and melt in the mouth.  Another burger that was still fresh and intact post delivery – tick!

As lovers of truffle parmesan fries, we decided to try the Truffle Chips – fries w/parmesan, parsley & honey thyme mayo ($11, gluten free).  These were the star of the meal for us.  Perfectly crispy fries (they survived the journey very well), delicious infused truffle flavour, spiky salty parmesan and creamy mayo.

Beef Burger & Kumara Chips, Burgster Palm Beach, delivered by Uber Eats - Relish Food and LifeI ordered the Beef Burger with American Cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato & Burgster sauce ($14).  With Burgster you get a choice of Brioche Bun, Lettuce Bun or Gluten Free Bun ($1).  What’s not to love about a buttery bun?  I chose Brioche.  The bun was lovely and soft, with a home made patty and fresh salad ingredients with a bit too much lettuce.  I would’ve liked more pickles to give it more of a sweet / sour element but overall a good burger.  And was it fresh?  Yes!

Lastly, we decided to try one more side dish – the Kumara chips w/ sour cream & house made chilli jam ($12).  These are clearly house made which is always a good start.  We loved the crispy ends of the Kumara, the skin itself has a lovely burnt toffee flavour.  The chunky bits of the Kumara are for you peeps who love soft chips.  I wasn’t loving the sour cream / chilli jam combo with them and thought they tasted nice sauce-less (shock, horror from the Sauce Queen herself!).  And if you’re wondering, the ‘crispy ends’ means they were still crispy, another fresh dish despite delivery.

So overall UberEATS and Burgster was a success.  We will absolutely be using UberEATS again, there’s a few locals I’d love to have as take-in.  And as for Burgster, overall we really enjoyed our dinner.  The jury’s still out on The Good Wolf vs Burgster – both have great side dishes, I liked The Good Wolf’s burger better, Sime liked both.   So give them both a try (tip: they’re both available from UberEATS).

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