Could this be the best $5 meal at Robina Town Centre?  I think so.  Here’s where I confess a somewhat embarrassing foodie secret… I love a sausage on bread.  The intoxicating smell of frying onion with sausages of dubious origin with tomato sauce and mustard (Bunnings trip anyone?) draws me in every time.

So of course the first time I saw ‘Sausage on a Roll’ for $5 at The Sausage Bar at The Kitchens, I investigated further.  And what a Sausage on a Roll!

The Sausage Bar - filling / topping choicesFor that huge $5 investment, you receive a fresh bread roll, Hereford Beef Sausage made in the butchers that house The Sausage Bar (Pure Meats Robina) in The Kitchens.  There are onions on offer, plus an array of toppings including cheese, jalapeños, sauerkraut, home made pickles, salad, pineapple, beetroot and some home made sauces (this time tomato chilli relish and mustard sauce).  Plus for a sauce queen like me there are additional sauces – like beetroot relish, blueberry and chilli relish, and smoky BBQ sauce.   Lastly, for you bacon lovers, you can add bacon if you wish (there are a couple of my friends for whom bacon is almost a religion… not joking).

Sausage on a Roll - my wayIf you’re not salivating already, then let me tell you what I had today.  Onion, sausage, cheese, home made pickle, jalapeños, home made tomato relish and American Mustard.

The sausage itself is large sized, meaty and tasty, plus it’s gluten free and hormone free.  Some of you may be thinking at this point, “Meaty?  It’s a sausage!”.  What I mean is it actually has the texture of real meat, unlike a lot of other sausages that either contain that pink pasty stuff or too many icky chewy bits.

Then you add the toppings – the crunchy, sweet, sour, spicy, creamy yumminess that brings it all together.  It’s actually quite a large portion size, it was enough for lunch for me.

It’s not what I would call pretty food, and probably not first date food, but I go back there whenever I get the chance and have a hankering for a sausage on bread (sorry Bunnings, although you will always hold a place in my heart!).

The Sausage Bar - MenuI’ve included here a picture of their menu because there are other offerings which also sound awesome.  But each time I go back my tastebuds tantalise me with tasty memories and drag me to the Sausage on a Roll.

I should also say here that I love the Pure Meats Butcher that The Sausage Bar is attached to, their other gourmet sausages are divine, their house smoked products smell amazing and the service is great.

Lastly I’d like to mention The Kitchens, I’ve sampled a few of the venues and overall am a big fan.  So stay tuned for more ‘Kitchens’ posts (quick faves: Jimmy Grants, Elixiba and Muso Ramen).

The Sausage Bar at Pure Meats Robina
11:30am – 2:30pm, 7 days
Located in ‘The Kitchens’ (between Betty’s Burgers and Earth Markets)
Level 3, Shop 3 4240
07 5600 9726