I learned something on our visit to Melbourne recently.  A lot of cafes close for the holidays, as it turns out especially a lot of my favourites.  Thankfully The Premises was open, and it became our new favourite as we dined there 4 times during our visit.

The Premises is located opposite Kensington Station and has two shop fronts, each on different streets.  The decor is retro and funky with some cool old school desks set up as tables at one of the windows and a couple of communal tables.  On each of our visits we the service was great.  Twice we took small children and the staff were very accommodating, so it’s kid friendly.

They take their coffee very seriously and have the single origin option available for those who love their coffee (usually the black coffee drinkers).  Again, the coffee was perfect on each of our visits.  We visited with two baristas and both of them commented on how good it was.  My friend told me it was the best coffee she’s had (and she lives in Melbourne so that’s saying something).

Their menu is quite limited but the quality of the meals is great.  Sime and I had visited before so he had the Hot Salt Beef Roll with Provolone Cheese, hot English Mustard and pickled red cabbage ($13.5).  I also tasted this on one of my visits.  The salted beef is slow cooked and delicious, and the flavours of each of the ingredients combine beautifully.

I had the creamed corn, fried free range egg and cumin salt on multigrain toast ($14.5) plus bacon ($3.5).  The creamed corn was home made, sweet and tasty.  It needs salt, so the cumin salt and bacon were great with it.

Our friends had their usual serve of porridge, The Premises serves theirs with winter berry compote, brown sugar, cream and toasted almonds ($9.5).  They both enjoyed their brekky.

On one of our other lunchtime visits, my friend and I shared the Slow Roasted pulled pork with pickled fennel, spiced roasted apple and a dill pickle ($16) and the Lamb Shwarma (sorry, details escape me).  We loved both of these dishes – in fact my friend said since I’ve come home she’s ducked in there just to have the pulled pork again.

So as you can clearly tell by the style of my review, we all loved The Premises.  Although there’s a fabulous buffet of cafes available I will definitely visit again next time I’m in Melbourne.

The Premises, 202 Bellair Street, Kensington 03 9376 7565

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