OK, so things aren’t that bad without dairy.  I’ll admit, I had a moment at work the other day in which I was jealous of someone eating strawberry yoghurt.  Nothing special, just Vaalia Strawberry Yoghurt… mmm yoooghurt.  Mm hmm (clearing of throat), where was I?  Yep, everything’s fine!

Where I’m struggling slightly is in the snack department.  I usually have a yoghurt for morning or afternoon tea with some fruit and nuts (I know what you’re thinking… what a crazy junk food addict… Not!) and this fills me up.  So pretty much I’m down to a max of 2 serves of fruit a day, or nuts.  No cheese and crackers either.  So what do I eat when I have the between meal cravings?  Nuts I’ve  roasted in a spice mix, home made protein balls, a banana or hot and sour soup.  Actually I should mention that I generally try not to eat bread, so yep, the options are limited.

You might think – go baked goods!  But generally they have butter in them.  Sigh.  Any suggestions for snack food welcome.  On the plus side, I reckon I’ll lose some weight just because I’m sick of eating nuts.

I’ve moved on to black coffee – a weak long black.  It’s a totally different flavour, I’m still having latte withdrawals but am slowly adjusting to the taste.  I actually can’t have too much caffeine or I get heart palpitations and the shakes which is probably not that good for me (ya think!?).

For brekky I’ve been enjoying (!?) a pea protein shake (if I’m exercising) with a seed mix muesli and coconut milk yoghurt. Actually  this probably isn’t something worth thinking any further on… but it tastes OK.

One really bright spot in the week was enjoying a big fat burger at Burger Lounge with no cheese, and a side of chips and aioli.  The burger still tasted awesome sans cheese.  Who doesn’t love hot chips, especially with Aioli (garlic mayonnaise)?  Mayonnaise, despite being cholesterol laden, is made with eggs and oil, and NO DAIRY.  Yaay!  So I could just drink hollandaise sauce with this logic, right?  Maybe not…

Other meals this week have included Carrot, Lentil, Ginger and Chilli Soup, Chicken and Chickpea Salad, and a pie and salad at work (yum – gourmet pies!).

So let’s just reflect on a list of the things I can still eat and drink that are cool:

  • Wine (thank God!)
  • Black coffee (really, it’s cool, OK?)
  • Bacon and eggs
  • Meat, veg and legumes
  • Organic dairy free dark chocolate (which, despite its long dodgy sounding moniker, tastes good)
  • Flavoured rice crackers
  • Hot chips (yeeees!)
  • Burgers (without cheese, still good)
  • Fruit
  • Dilmah Green Tea with Moroccan Mint (my fave)
  • Coconut Milk Yoghurt (fatty and expensive but yum)
  • Hot chips (did I already mention that?)

Sime reckons I can have one cheat day a week… does this mean yoghurt for breakfast followed with an ice cream morning tea with a wheel of brie for lunch?  Mmm, melted oven roasted brie with a baguette… sigh.

So where does this leave me?  Still craving dairy but with time and counseling, I’ll be fine (…quiver…).

p.s. see the picture I’ve attached to this post? that kid looks weird, right?  Is this what will become of me?