We constantly seek out other like minded people who celebrate seasonal local produce and food and coffee that walks the talk.  So that is why we were so happy today to meet Justin (Walker) of The Millers Hands, and of course (!) enjoy a delicious brekky and coffee.

A coffee contact of ours told us about The Millers Hands and as it was date day (yippee!) it was time to go in search of some fresh new flavours.  The Millers Hands is a tiny little place with a narrow shop front and seating out back.  I’d describe the design as clean and industrial, we loved the little touches like the wooden boxes with local honey for sale on the blackboard wall, and the surfboard on the wall.  Justin told us that he welcomes local artists using the cafe as an exhibition space, and will donate $1,000 per year to the emerging artist his customers vote as the best of the year.

More on that (before we move on to the all important food and coffee) – Justin uses only local produce and barters where possible.  Our brekky had spinach on it he picked from his garden that morning, eggs laid fresh that day, a spelt organic rye multigrain loaf and Nitrite free bacon.  He usually also offers ham smoked locally by a German guy who lives “up the hill” but this morning I felt like bacon (next time – ham!).  Justin said that his social and local foraging focus might be because of years spent in Scandanavia – at a little restaurant some of you might (!) know of called Noma.

There is no menu but that is because Justin wants to use whatever is fresh and local at the time.  We asked him to make us something filling and fresh and received  a slice of Organic Spelt Multi Softgrain (yeast and gluten free) bread, with bacon, two poached eggs, some spinach, basil and mini romas ($10.50 each).  The eggs were bursting with flavour and super fresh, bread was amazingly nutty and tasty, yummy bacon, tasty tomatoes, in fact the whole dish was simple and amazing.

As for our coffee, Sime had a Double Espresso and I had a Piccolo.  They use Allpress Espresso which is another company Justin explained has a social conscience beyond just organic / free trade beans.  Sime said his coffee was sweet with brown sugar flavours.  He enjoyed half hot which was nice and strong with a smooth front palate and a berry after taste.  Drinking the rest cold the berry flavours and sweetness were more pronounced.  (Wow.  And I was just going to say my coffee was great…. take that coffee nerds everywhere!)

There is a cabinet offering gourmet sandwiches that all sound wonderfully appetising, along with some raw sweet treats (I am so going back for the beetroot and chocolate tart!).

Hmm, kids… not sure if I’d bring the boys (now 18 month old twins) but as Kitty Flanagan (a very funny woman) said wisely once, “Parents: Newsflash!  Kids don’t like cafes”.  If I did take my boys I’d sit out the back which does echo so not much fun for others in the space but as I’ve learned with any cafe: keep it short and sweet with lots of toys and snacks (I’m not blessed yet with kids who sit quietly and colour in, scooping their babycinos politely… or is that just little girls who do that?).

Sometimes you just find people who are so passionate about what they are doing it shines through their work.  We are not easily won over but I’m going back to The Millers Hands the very next chance I get!

5530 7762

Corner Railway Street and Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba

(Not open Sunday)

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