After a morning of shopping a friend and I decided to try The Lark‘s weekend brunch or lunch menu.  We chose lunch  which was good, but looking back I wish I would’ve chosen something from the brunch menu which looked great.

Checking out The Lark’s website its main focus seems to be the bar – with a stellar line up of bartending talent, whisky flights and an amazing cocktail menu.  Also its tapas style menu seems to suit this.

We arrived just as Brisbane dropped one of its heavy summer downpours which may be why the restaurant was almost empty?  When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly staff member who offered us the choice of brunch or lunch as we had arrived close to menu changeover.   The courtyard was too wet with the downpour, so we decided to sit in a cosy corner which was lovely.

We decided to indulge and ordered a glass of wine, then share some tapas.  I ordered myself the Wagyu Slider, a wagyu patty with buffalo feta, jalapeno, cinnamon tomato relish and rocket ($7.5).  This was delicious, a flavoursome meat patty with great texture and a somewhat spicy but sweet and cheesy taster.



We ordered a side dish of Asparagus Salad with baby spinach, walnuts and feta cheese ($13).  The salad was a delicious fresh combination of flavours, although not sure it was worth the price for a small side.



My friend ordered the Dukkah Spiced Chicken Skewers with Israeli cous cous, red pepper cabbage and tzatziki (3 skewers $23).  The chicken was perfectly cooked with a nice dukkah spice flavour.  The pearl cous cous was a great textural contrast to the chicken.  Tzatziki was also yummy and tasted home made.  Again, I felt this dish was good but a bit overpriced.


For dessert we shared the Dark Chocolate Fondant, and had the honey macadamia ice cream instead of the Amaretto cream ($13.5).    The fondant itself had a perfectly gooey centre and was cooked perfectly.  Yes,  we knew the ice cream was going to be too sweet but we didn’t care and it tasted yummy (although it was in a little sauce side dish so there wasn’t much to share).


So overall we enjoyed a lovely lunch, but as I’ve mentioned I think some of the elements were a  bit overpriced.  Looking back at the menu now, I really wish we would’ve had something from the brunch menu which looks amazing and more reasonable.

The ambience is lovely, dark and classic and suits the history of the building.  As I said, the service was really good, despite some confusion with ordering the error was handled well.  It did feel a bit more like an evening venue with the dark colour scheme and was quite empty during our time there at Sunday lunch.  I’d really like to go back there for an evening at the bar, or for a weekend brunch.

Loo review: it’s a beautiful old building which means the loos are looking a bit tired, but a tick for the retro decoration –  6/10.

The Lark, 1/267 Given Terrace 07 3369 1299
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