I found out about The Conscious Cafe because one of my friends visited and posted a pic on Instagram, and the food looked delicious and healthy.  Despite a crazy thyroid allowing me to eat whatever I want I am trying to eat healthy (although as Yoda says, there is no try, there is only do…!) Anyway, I really enjoyed it and it was like a slice of old Byron – lots of greenery (pun intended), relaxed vibe and a little local hideaway.

The Conscious Cafe is tucked away in a corner behind Woolworths on Jonson Street (previous location of Espresso Head for those familiar with Byron).  Their food is free of gluten, dairy, soy, GM products, canola oil and they don’t use Teflon cookware.  They cook everything in organic coconut oil too.  So you might be wondering if their food actually tasted good… some people still have a “health food tastes like cardboard” mindset although these days I’m not sure why.  As I said I really enjoyed it – so on to the details.

As I hinted at above, the cafe is filled with plants including loads of pot plants.  There are lots of seating options scattered throughout the garden including some comfy looking day beds.  There’s a lovely relaxed vibe which made me wonder if we would be waiting ages for our food but I was pleasantly surprised.

Their menu is full of interesting meal titles like ‘Cosmic Shift’, ‘Tree of Life’, ‘Unconditional Love’ which to some may seem over the top but really suits the place.  My sis and I decided to order and share two dishes so I headed up to the counter and quoted, “one Awakening please, one Tree of Life and one Raw Cacao and Coconut Smoothie”.  I know how it works when you are writing dockets for kitchens but it still made me smile to see ‘Crepe’, ‘Pattie’ and ‘Bounty’ on the docket.

You help yourself to cutlery and there didn’t see to be any napkins, maybe it’s an eco thing?  Tap water and glasses are also available, just help yourself – a friendly kitchen staff member helped to point me in the right direction as there was some food in the fridge with the water so I wasn’t sure if I was in the right spot.

Our smoothie arrived and it was rich and delicious but not too sweet.  The Bounty Smoothie was a special and contained organic raw cacao, frozen banana and coconut milk.  Apologies that I didn’t note the price but I’m sure it was either $8 or $9.  It was almost like a dessert in a glass, rich because of the delicious cacao but not overly cloying and sweet so very yummy.  The top of the smoothie was garnished with a marigold, coconut and some crushed nuts so it looked amazing.

My Awakening arrived (again, pun intended [sorry…]) – an activated buckwheat, millet & chia seed open crepe w/ seasonal salad, roasted & spiced sunflower seeds, tahini turmeric dressing, homemade hummus, pesto & almond turmeric nut butter ($14.5).  What a delicious combination of flavours: nutty and really tasty.  Not a huge meal for those who like large portions – it’s pretty much a crepe with salad on it – but yummy!

My sister’s Tree of Life – a  veggie pattie made w/ pumpkin, quinoa, biodynamic brown rice, sweet potato, spices, black poppy seeds & fresh herbs topped w/ homemade hummus & pesto served with two delicious salads of sweet potato & quinoa & a fresh garden salad ($14.5) – was tasty but not as good as the Awakening (crepe).  When you ate each piece of the meal together it tasted good but separately I didn’t really like the salad.  Veggie pattie was very tasty as was the hummus.  Again, not a large portion size so order the extra veggie pattie if you like larger meals.

We wished we had room to try the amazing sounding Ganesh – sweet chocolate crepe made w/ raw organic cacao topped w/ vanilla bean coconut cream, fresh blueberries, toasted cinnamon coconut, homemade vanilla bean creamy banana ice-cream, raw chocolate cacao sauce, sliced bananas & a drizzle of local organic honey  ($16.5).  Next time we visit we will leave room for dessert! (or just have another Bounty Smoothie… mmm).

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to the Conscious Cafe.  You feel better knowing you are eating amazing healthy food and the vibe and ambience is so relaxing.  You just have to be prepared to go with the flow – in fact I’m sure there’s a menu item title that reflects this ethos :-).  I miss the old Byron so it’s nice to visit and have a taste of what it used to be like.  I’ll definitely head back next time I’m in town.

Loo review: my sis visited the loos, I think people in town use it as a public toilet.  She said there was no paper and it was grotty, she scored it 2/10. I must admit I didn’t want to go in either.