It’s no secret I’m a mum with two small kids. Result: not many dinners out any more. As a self-confessed food nerd I miss the chance to eat out and try some of the amazing restaurants that are open nights only. Solution: take UberEATS up on the offer of trying more of the local take-ins and see what kind of gourmet treats I can get in my own home.

Dear Readers, I do try to blog at least once a week. I’ve had a couple of occasions recently where I’ve been somewhere for lunch, and hungry with anticipation, have photographed my food only to be disappointed by either service or food. Boo! (I’ll only tell you about the places I love)

Not to be daunted, I thought, “I’m loving this take-in option because I don’t need a babysitter, or to take my kids to a restaurant and potentially ruin my dining experience”. Let me just say here, I adore my children. But I also adore a stress-free dining experience.

GC Take-in Fest 2017

So when the lovely UberEATS team offered me the chance to order in a few more times after trialling Burgster recently, I was IN.  Bring on Take-In Fest 2017! (I’m so rock n’ roll)(not).

Stay tuned for the scoop on what UberEATS delivery is like each time, plus some fab local restaurant reviews. Each time I log into the App there are more options available. Pretty much whatever takes your fancy is available – from Vegan, to Asian, to Mod-oz, to Paleo, Gourmet Burgers and even Maccas.

And in between I’ll keep trying new places and pop in a post when I can. Like you I have my local faves, so will work on sharing some of them soon. Here’s to enjoying every bite, that’s why I do what I do (*mic drop*).