Anyone who reads my blog knows I love coffee, but I also love a good cup of tea.  So when I noticed that T2 was soon to be filling retail space at Robina I was looking forward to shopping there.  Then I got invited to the opening night!  Thanks T2 🙂

For those of you unfamiliar with T2, iColourst’s what I would describe as a tea boutique with some great gift ideas and inspired wrapping and packaging.  It’s a great place to select from a huge range of tea and buy some tea paraphernalia including teapots, strainers, cups, canisters and any combination of cool things to use to make tea.

Goodie bagWe arrived on the opening evening and received our goodie bags with a selection of teas and a double walled glass cup which is now one of my firm favourites at home.  The store was packed full of customers and opening night invitees with a line up at the registers and lots of T2 shopping bags seen around the Centre during the night.

I’ve seen some of Colours2T2’s other stores and they all look great, but they have really stepped things up at Robina.  This store is big, colourful, modern and has a T2 Brew Bar.  The Brew Bar serves a range of Tea Lattes (tea served with honey and steamed soy milk), a selection of Iced Teas, some Matchas (traditional Japanese Green Tea), and Slush Teas with Pearls.

TisanesEveryone at the opening night was treated to some samples of hot and cold teas, including a specially created Gold Coast blend of iced tea.  Each one we tried was refreshing and tasty.  We were also served some yummy canapes (parmesan and pear crisp) and explored the store including smelling the huge buffet of tea samples available as you walk in the door.

So as someone who was already a fan of T2 all I can say is – pop in, have a cuppa (hot, cold, green, milky, slushy… you decide!) and do some early Christmas shopping.