Confession: I’ve been visiting Stones Throw for a while now.  Why?  It’s in my local ‘hood, they do great coffee (Fonzie Abbott beans), tasty food and the staff are great.  So I thought it was about time I gave them some kudos and did a blog post.

Stones Throw are located on the Gold Coast Highway behind the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade (next to Montezuma’s Take Away).  They are kind of tucked away so unless you’ve had a gander on your drive past you might miss it.

I love stopping by to have a quiet coffee in the warm interior – think exposed brick walls with some nice vintage features and a feeling of peace and space.  Either that or I regularly grab a take away coffee and go sit at Burleigh Point and just take in the view (sigh!).  And it’s actually one of the few places I’ll take my kids – there’s a decent kids menu and enough space so their sometimes loud shenanigans doesn’t bother anyone (ok, many people…).

The morning we went for brekky we had both already had our coffee so unfortunately didn’t order any. But I can tell you they do a great job (because we keep going back there).

What I had in mind was the breakfast tacos (both $15 each), so hubby decided to try some too:

Pork Belly Breakfast Tacos at Stones ThrowSticky Pork, Scrambled Free Range Egg, Charred Corn & Virgin Mary Sauce.  This was Sime’s choice.  He loved the sweet sticky pork with soft eggs, texture of the corn and sweet sauce.



Black bean and Scrambled Egg Breakfast Tacos at Stones ThrowI had the Vegetarian Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Scrambled Free Range Egg, Charred Corn & Coriander, Pepita & Gochujang Salsa.  Admission: I’ve had this before and wanted to come back and have it again (that in itself should be a good enough endorsement).  But I’ll tell you why: soft egg, the texture of the black beans and soft sweet potato, with pop in your mouth pieces of charred corn, along with coriander and some slices of chilli to cut through it all.  Simply divine.

So that was it for our brekky – a pretty short review for today.  I will say, they bake their own pies and the daily fresh muffins look amazing.  Also, every time I read their dinner or special event menus I salivate (which is perhaps a bit gross to share with you but a good indicator that it sounds amazing).  The chef knows his s*&+ and combines flavours well.  The staff are warm, funny and friendly.  It’s a great place to sit.  Enough said!

Loo review: the toilet is a little hard to find at the back of the venue, love the vintage style basins and taps, there’s a shared male and female bathroom, its clean and whilst nothing special, a good loo. 7/10

1823 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads
5576 2504