We had one last opportunity to have a meal together before our twins came home from hospital and decided to revisit Rock Salt, one of our recent local faves that I posted about back in July. I suppose it’s pretty obvious but just in case anyone missed it, we chose to go back here knowing it was the last time we’d have lunch somewhere special together for quite a while… so what this says is, we think it’s that good!

We both decided to go with the 2 course lunch special with glass of wine ($40 each, such good value!).  I ended up having the same menu items as last time, a bit predictable I know but the dishes were so good I couldn’t go past them (Salt & pepper prawns, sweet corn custard, Asian spanner crab, soy dressing, and Minute steak, creamed potato mash, tempura onion rings, red wine sauce).  Both were at the same high standard of presentation and taste.  Sime had the half dozen oysters followed by the Salt & Pepper Prawns.  He reported that the oysters were delish and he also enjoyed the blend of flavours and textures of the salt and pepper prawns.

We did order a side of Thick cut chips with garlic mayo ($9) which were fresh and crispy with delicious creamy aioli.  I said this in my last post and I’m repeating it again, if you’re a big eater the 2 course special might not satisfy… but you’ll have room for dessert or you can try some yummy sides.  As it was we both didn’t have room for dessert which I was bummed about because they sound amazing!

I really don’t think you can go past this place for great food and service on the GC… especially since quality food seems to be lacking in the Broadbeach precinct in general.  The area seems to be focused more on the tourist dollar which we think usually means a lower commitment to ongoing quality in food and service…. but please prove me wrong – let me know of anywhere else that’s good!

So, back to our lunch.  Sime let our waiter know that we had limited time to enjoy our lunch and that it was our “last supper”.  The waiter was very obliging and made sure our dishes arrived in good time but didn’t make us feel rushed.  Great service again – tick!

Also, this time I found out there is free parking underneath the Aria building.  It is limited though, and just so you know you do need to walk up the car park ramp to get out (I got in the lift which goes to the apartments – oops!).

Anyway, as I said, another great experience.  If I had the time (which I clearly don’t know with two babies to look after) I’d be back there in a flash to try their degustation.