Since our last visit to Ten I’ve been dying to visit again.  Cynically I wondered if it would be as good.  Also now we are on a budget it was a splurge spending $45 on a 3 course lunch (each), so I wondered what it would be like.  I’m happy to report it was amazing (food heaven sigh…).

I just realised it was 2013 the last time we went to Ten (last post is here).  Sadly a lot of restaurants I know of have an expiration date – they start out great then either sell to someone who can’t cut the mustard, or they drop the ball.  So I was so happy that Ten were just as good as last time – and for $45 a head! (which I have to say is above my normal dining budget but for what you get at Ten it’s a steal).

To enjoy this special you need to dine at lunch time, so between Thursday and Saturday from 12-2pm.  As per our last visit the service, from the very moment we arrived, was impeccable.

Sime and I both enjoy the odd Sake, especially with our Japanese Food, the waiter (I think he must have been a sommelier) was very knowledgeable about all the Sakes offered on the list.  I’m sorry to say I can’t recall which one we chose (expect to pay a minimum of $30 for a small jug) but we explained what kind of flavours we liked and he nailed it.  I just think Sake tastes great with the clean flavours of Japanese food – give it a try if you haven’t!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, given that Ten offer a Lunch Degustation of $110 per head (their premium offering) I was skeptical about how good the $45 3 course meal could be… When the first course arrived I was already glad we had decided to eat here.

TenEntreeThe first course is an Entree tasting plate – one for the raw fish lovers – a Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura selection.  It arrived looking absolutely divine and it was.  Our sashimi included Tuna and Salmon and the Nigiri (selection of raw fish atop perfectly rolled rice balls) included some flame grilled Salmon belly.  Yum!  The tempura was light and crispy and included a nice big juicy prawn.  It also helped that we were sitting in front of the Sushi bar and the Sushi chef showed us the beautiful chunk of Tuna (Maguro) he had used to prepared our meal.

I should say here for those of you unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine our lovely waitress explained everything to us clearly and answered any questions we might have (e.g. rookie mistake – eating the radish and ginger next to the tempura sauce… add it to the sauce.  It’s a bit like eating wasabi but not as spicy)(don’t worry I didn’t do it, I used to work in a Japanese restaurant).  So yes it’s amazing, quiet, high class Japanese but please: don’t feel like you have to be a Japanese food connoisseur to eat there.

TenTeriyakiFor our second course, Sime surprised me by having Chicken Teriyaki.  It’s like the white bread of Japanese food to me – the easy choice.  But it arrived and again looked amazing – check out the presentation of two different cuts of chicken served with some nice chunky woody mushrooms.  Our main also came with rice, oshinko (home made pickles) and miso, all of which were great.


I oTenSukiyakirdered the Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki – a rich steaming sweet salty hot pot of beautiful beef served with a poached egg to dip into, oshinko, rice and miso.  All I can say is delicious.



LTenDessertast up came Ten’s Heavenly Dessert – in this case we received some ice cream frozen into a sponge dome, topped with a quenelle of sorbet, served with a sliced strawberry, some madeira sponge and chocolate sauce.  Again, so tasty, with fabulous presentation.



Overall we had an awesome (kid free)(yippee!) date at Ten and would highly recommend you visit – if you’re on a budget and are a lover of sushi and sashimi put it on your must do list!

PS: Loo review – toilets are still amazing, the Japanese loos with heaps of buttons (with English translation for the curious), spotlessly clean, well maintained and actual towels used for hand towels