I am loving Blackboard at the moment for two main reasons: (1) Their spring breakfast is amazing, and (2) They have the best pastries on the Gold Coast.  Their coffee is always good, the service is good and I do enjoy their other breakfasts, but I have been visiting more and more of late to eat the spring breakfast and walk away with some take away pastries (if they aren’t already sold out…!).

So I thought I’d share with you the pic of my brekky last week at Blackboard.  The Spring Greens was a temporary addition to their menu (alright, I admit it… I’m an Instagram Food Stalker…) but due to its popularity it has been permanently added.  So what is it?  A salad of Broccoli, Kale, chunks of Avocado, fresh herbs (dill and parsley), whole almonds and slivers of fresh chilli served with two poached eggs and sourdough rye ($17).

I’ve been dying to take Sime there to try it so he came along and ordered the Spring Greens too.  The eggs were perfectly poached and tasted great cut up with mouthfuls of the fresh salad.  The textures of the crunchy salad and creamy egg work wonderfully together; I actually really like the whole almonds and the slivers of chilli give just a little kick of heat every now and again.  The toast also tastes great with the dish, with a lovely warm nutty sourdough flavour (side note: I’d recommend asking for the toast on the side – it’s just too hard to cut up then try to add bits of salad and egg onto your fork and manage to get it all in your mouth.  Then ask for butter for your toast to eat it after, yuuum.).  I know I’m gushing now but I really think this is the future of healthy eating – high protein, paleo slanted food that tastes delicious (yes I know, apart from the toast, butter and pastries you buy afterwards!).

My coffee (latte) was good as always.  Sime was a bit disappointed the crema on his double espresso broke up quickly but the coffee’s flavour was great.

So, onto the pastries.  Sadly Blackboard recently closed its deli which was situated right next door… but due to their popularity the cafe now offer the pastries either eat in or take away.  I’ve sampled them many times and these pastries are the business (the things I do for you, dear readers!).  A perfect blend of light crunch and soft buttery goodness, almost as good as a French Boulangerie.  Particular highlights are the almond croissant, chocolate croissant (dipped in chocolate and nuts… drool) and my favourite – I think it’s a brioche filled with chocolate (or nutella?).

The morning we went for brekky we finished our food at around 9:30am and they had already sold out of croissants and almond croissants, so get in early to try them.

So that’s all folks, if you love pastries (if you don’t there may just be something wrong with you…) visit Blackboard at your peril as you will definitely return to buy them again and again.  For those health conscious types or those in search of a new brekky taste sensation try the Spring Greens brekky.  Then to balance your diet, grab a pastry, ha!

Loo review:  the loos are consistently clean here, of an above average standard 6/10

7/240 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes
07 5575 7538

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