The lovely folks at Meatcart offered me a home delivered trial pack, being a carnivore through and through I was thrilled!  Meatcart is an online butcher who like to provide a personal touch and quality product including seafood, organic product and grass fed beef.  We are pleased to report that we enjoyed every last bite of our Barbecue Pack.

We found the chilly bag at our front door, it was stuffed with two plastic bags filled with ice so would’ve been fine to sit there for longer if needed.  First impressions – cool bag! (yes I’m aware that was a terrible pun – it was totally unintentional I swear)(but yes, I left it in anyway…. sigh)  I opened the bag and found cryovac packages of Beef Rump Steak 500g, Beef BBQ Thin Sausages 500g, Lamb Rump Steak 500g and Pork US Ribs 1kg.  First impressions: colour and texture of all items looked great – fresh, good colour and just the right amount of fat in the steaks.  I love that the meat is cryovaced (spelling…!?) as you can see what you are getting and know it will stay fresh for longer.






So here goes with our four days of delicious meaty indulgence including how we decided to prepare it and what we served with it:

Day 1: Thin Beef BBQ Sausages

We needed something for lunch and busy and tired with two sick kids we wanted something quick and tasty.  We pan fried the sausages and served them on bread with tomato sauce and American mustard.  Yes, I could’ve done something more exciting, but isn’t everyone’s guilty pleasure a sneaky sausage on bread at a hardware store or market?

The sausages were a good quality thin sausage, great texture and very tasty.  The only thing that was missing was onions which I wish I would’ve had time for!






Day 2: Pork Ribs

I’m not a rib lover but Sime is, so he ordered some smokey BBQ sauce from his cafe supplier.  This stuff is the best – I think it’s the sauce family style steak restaurants use as their smokey BBQ sauce.  He pre-cooked the ribs by dropping them in just boiled water inside their shrink wrapped bag, waited till they cooled, and oven baked them with the smokey sauce.

He at the whole kilo to himself, made a total mess and enjoyed every bite. The verdict: Great ribs!






Day 3: Beef Rump Steak

Sime perfectly cooked our steak medium rare in the pan after seasoning with salt and pepper, and rubbing with some olive oil.  The steak was tender and tasty and perfect without any sauce (I know a steak is good if I don’t coat it in some sort of sauce, sadly despite being a foodie I love tomato sauce and the aforementioned smokey BBQ sauce).  We served our steak with a salad of baby spinach, roasted pumpkin, feta and toasted pine nuts with a white balsamic dressing.  Yuuum (in fact so yum I totally forgot to take any pictures… whoops!).

Day 4: Lamb Rump Steak

I wish I had time this day to crack open the BBQ but one year old twins are a handful!  We pan fried this lamp rump, served medium rare again.  It’s been so long since we’ve had lamb as it’s hard to find decent lamb.  This lamb was a little fatty which is pretty standard but very tasty and tender (I always remember a quote I once heard, “fat is flavour”…).  We served it with skordalia and baby spinach (Skordalia is a mashed tin of cannellini beans, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper – it’s divine with lamb, super easy and healthy).






The verdict

Meatcart aims to offer old fashioned service but with modern online ordering.  I have to say as someone who does online grocery shopping I think they are a great option to get your meat delivered instead of the usually patchy quality of supermarket meat.  Plus I’ve checked – their prices are competitive and their attention to detail seems better based on our experience.  Oh, and delivery is only $6.50 flat rate.  Even Woolies usually charges me $9 when I spend about $200 a week on groceries (if I haven’t said it before, twins are expensive!).

I’ll be ordering from Meatcart again and I recommend you give them a try.