Is there anything better than the smell of warm cinnamon wafting through your house on a winter’s day (albeit a sunny Gold Coast winter’s day, but it’s cold for us!).  I first tried this cake at a cafe in Margaret River, fresh out of the oven and had to come on home, google it, and make it myself.  It’s become a favourite with the family and is often requested for birthday cakes.

There’s something warm and nanna-ish about using ingredients like Rhubarb.  Makes you feel like sitting down with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a home made blankie over your legs with the heater on.  So comfy… sigh.

This cake is so easy to make, don’t be afraid of Rhubarb if you haven’t used it before.  You’ll end up with a treat that’s sweet and light but with smooshy (that’s a word, right?) bits of tart flavoured rhubarb throughout.  Amazing served warm with double cream.  I’ve posted some pics below of during, after, and a side profile of the cake so you can see those smooshy bits.

Big thanks to dianestewart who posted this recipe on for me to find and play with.

Rhurbarb and Cinnamon Cake

1 bunch fresh rhubarb (get a nice big fresh bunch, if you’re ever up at Mt Tamborine there is usually some amazing fresh rhubarb available at roadside stalls)

60g butter, softened

1 tsp vanilla essence (I personally love vanilla bean paste, more expensive, but sooo much better – if you use vanilla bean paste you only need about 1/2 teaspoon, but I still put a whole one in anyway… mmm) (and on that, please never use imitation vanilla essence… blech!)

1 3/4 cup brown sugar (yes, that’s nearly 2 cups of brown sugar, this is NOT a cake for a diet)

2 eggs

300g sour cream (like I said, not a cake for a diet..!)

2 cups plain flour

1 tsp bicarb

1 tsp ground cinnamon (I use a heaped [and I mean heaped!] teaspoon because I also love cinnamon)

1/4 cup brown sugar, extra

1 tsp ground cinnamon, extra


  1. Preheat oven to 180, grease a deep 22cm round cake tin, line with baking paper (I use a spring form tin and grease it with butter [tip: use cling wrap to grease cake tins] then line the bottom and sides of the tin with paper)
  2. Wash then chop rhubarb into approximately 2cm pieces
  3. Beat butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla in a large bowl until smooth
  4. Add sour cream and beat until smooth
  5. Sift in flour, bicarb and cinnamon and combine (I usually just keep using the mixer for this)
  6. Add rhubarb and stir through (note: the batter will be quite thick, don’t worry, this is totally normal)
  7. Spread into a pan using a spatula to try and even out the rhubarb.
  8. Sprinkle the top of the cake with the extra brown sugar and cinnamon (again, I usually use more than the recipe calls for here… if you’re going to be bad, be BAD)
  9. Bake for approximately 1 hour.  You can usually smell when it’s ready, to check use a skewer (it’s ready when the skewer comes out clean; better to keep checking than have a dry cake).
  10. Serve warm with double cream.
  11. Drool and sigh with pleasure while you enjoy your amazing cake with a cup of Earl Gray tea and a blankie over your legs in front of the heater.

Ready to go in the oven





The finished product





Side view – with smooshy bits!