Recently I was bemoaning the fact that the only food we can really get delivered home is pizza.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that but sometimes you just feel like something different.  So in a case of great timing Menulog contacted me and offered to let me try their online take away / delivery system. 

I’ve probably said this before but since we’ve had the twins (who are now 2), we just don’t get out as much as we used to.  My passion for food continues, so I love the idea of having it delivered to us at home.  I know you can have a variety of food delivered in major cities but had no idea that it was so easy until Menulog*contacted me recently.

Using their website, I entered my postcode and found out that Lummys Chinese Restaurant delivers to my suburb.  In an even better coincidence I’ve been told that Lummy’s is good, so on a busy, can’t be bothered cooking Monday, we decided to have our dinner delivered.

First impressions of Menulog’s website is that it’s easy to navigate.  I found out that 13 restaurants deliver to our area (search is via postcode or suburb).  Like ratings.  supported my choice.  I’m hoping more restaurants join the list soon.  Also you can order before the restaurant opens (like I did), pay via credit card, PayPal or cash, and receive a confirmation via email or text immediately.  As someone that eats at pensioner time (about 5:30pm: to fit in with the kids) this option is perfect – order at lunch time for a 5:30pm delivery, pay $6 for delivery, and our food arrived at 5:34pm.

I’m wary of restaurants that try to offer too many different types of cuisine so decided to stick with the Chinese and Mark’s Specialties of the House.

Eight Jewels Eight jewelsDuck $19.50 – chicken, BBQ Pork, Scallops, King Prawns, Mixed Vegetables, served on a bed of roast duck.  I’m not usually a multiple meat in one dish kind of gal, but someone on Menulog mentioned this and said it was a must.  Overall yes, it was full of lots of meat and fresh vegetables with not much seafood but I’m guessing because there was no room.  I found the flavour a bit bland; glad I tried it but won’t go for it again.


Pork bellyCrispy Pork Belly with Plum Sauce $16.90 – crackling pork served with home made sauce.  Despite the travel time the pork maintained some of its crispiness, the plum sauce was sweet and sour, a great combination.  It was also a good portion size and felt like there was lots.  Naughty from a health point of view, but if I’m having Chinese, I’m going all out.  Highly recommend this one if you like pork belly.


Gai Larn and Oyster Sauce $13.50 –Gai Lan Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.  One of my yum cha side dish favourites – simple but tasty steamed Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce.  I do question charging that much for broccoli with oyster sauce but I have found it hard to buy Gai Lan in the past so maybe that’s why?


Fried riceCombination Fried Rice Large $9.50.  This was a pretty standard combination fried rice with a nice sesame flavour, BBQ pork, shrimp, ham, bean sprouts, egg and peas.  A good basic fried rice.




As I said above, Chinese is one of our cheat foods we enjoy every now and then because we know we will order something deep fried or crispy pork.  Lummy’s itself was pretty good, I would order from them again but mainly for the convenience that Menulog offers.

So overall – big tick to Menulog, love the idea and convenience.  I have been wondering for some time where to find really good Chinese on the Coast that does take away (or even better, delivery!.  Any of the ones I try seem to be of a similar – pretty good – quality, so please let me know if you’ve had any awesome Chinese experiences of late!

*Thank you to Menulog who provided Relish with a voucher for this review