Madam Tojo is a funky little place in Chirn Park with a great interior, kitted out with retro furniture with a feel good vibe.  I’ve been there before and enjoyed it so I was a little disappointed this time.

They did seem to be quite busy with the owner (I think?) looking quite frazzled.  Last time we went we ordered at the counter, but this time the owner came to our table, apologised and said she would be with us soon.  We were waiting a while, so as I was hungry thought I’d do them a favour and order at the counter.

My friend ordered a mug of Skinny Cap and I ordered a Latte, and the Madam Tojos Favourite Potato Rosti served with char grilled vegies Bacon optional ($16.90).  Our coffees came out first, and I was pretty disappointed with mine.  I couldn’t see any evidence of crema in the milk foam, and although it tasted OK, was nothing great.  My friend said her cap was good.  Last time I remember their coffee being good – it’s Genovese by the way…

When my meal came out, it looked great and tasted pretty good.  However, for $16.90 I expected a bit more than a warm potato cake with mixed leaves, cold antipasto vegies stacked on top with a dollop of sour cream (I think).  I wasn’t asked if I wanted the bacon, but probably should’ve specified that I wanted it.  The potato rosti itself wasn’t crispy at all and seemed a bit soggy.  Kind of like the coffee, it was OK but nothing to rave about.

I’d probably go back to Madam Tojos again, mainly because of the ambience (although I hardly ever get up ‘north’ on the Gold Coast).  When you arrive it feels like you’ve found a hidden gem and somewhere to sit for hours and read or meet friends and while away the time.  My friend tells me their tapas is great, so I’d also like to give that a try.    I know from being in hospitality for years that every cafe has a bad day (chef sick, staff shortage, deliveries don’t arrive etc), so even though I didn’t have a great experience, I’d still say that Madam Tojo is worth visiting.

23 Musgrave Avenue, Chirn Park (07) 5532 2874
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