So it’s been about two years between visits, but I’ve always had Le Cafe Gourmand back of mind, waiting for another opportunity to visit.  I had a hankering from some French flavours, so the question is: was it as good as last time?

There are so many places to eat brekky now, and probably like most of you I love being spoiled for choice.  But sometimes you just have to go somewhere you’ve been before, for two reasons: 1. Because you have fond flavour memories you want to revisit, and 2. Because the reviews are still really good (I do my research!).

Hubby and I had a morning meeting together (we work together… but also needed to just have kid-free ‘hang out’ time), and he left the choice of venue up to me.  I felt like a little taste of France so Le Cafe Gourmand popped straight into my head.

We arrived, sat down, and our friendly waitress greeted us and brought us menus.  A good sign for me with a menu is being indecisive – means there’s a few great choices.  I was sorely tempted to order the French style breakfast to reminisce about being in Paris (: a Half baguette, croissant or pan au chocolate, salted butter, jam, freshly squeezed OJ) but also wanted something hot  (Note: I am SO going back for that French style brekky one day!).

Almond Latte, Le Cafe Gourmand, Relish Food and LifeSime ordered a Double Espresso first up which he said was great; he’s fussy so that’s a glowing endorsement.  I ordered a latte made on Almond Milk (forgive me Coffee snobs, I’ve gone to the dark side) which was made perfectly.  For me it was great to see an improvement on the coffee from my last visit (for the Bean geeks out there, the restaurant uses the Saint Blend from Cleanskin in Brisbane).

Galette Complete, Le Cafe Gourmand - Relish Food and LifeI’m a fan of buckwheat crepes so opted for the Galette Complete (gluten free) – Buckwheat crepe filled with smoked ham, emmental cheese, sunny side up egg, served with a green salad ($12).  The buckwheat crepe had a nice earthy flavour and was tasty and crispy, served with good quality leg ham, delicious cheese, a perfect soft egg and some salad greens with a hint of bitterness.  I really enjoyed this dish – my tip for you is to eat the salad with the crepe.  I only realised after I finished the crepe that the slight bitterness greens would have worked really well with the rich, earthiness of the crepe.

Baguette, Le Cafe Gourmand - Relish Food and LifeSime felt like a Baguette (tip: you can order them at brekky if you like, the Croque Monsieur is also hidden over the page in the ‘Sandwiches’ section) so ordered the Le Terroir – Double smoked and cured ham, french brie, red onion, cherry tomato, mesclun salad ($12).  The baguette had lovely thick slices of brie served with ham off the bone, and salad.  He said although he wishes Aussie baguettes tasted like the ones in France, this one was delicious.

Just like our last visit the service was great – warm, friendly and not rushed.  Also it’s clear the staff love the food – when I was paying the bill I could smell chocolate baking.  The waitress told me it was brownies baking, and that they were gluten and dairy free, and amazing.  Healthy eating plan out the window, I left with a take away Brownie ($3.9).

Chocolate Brownie, Le Cafe Gourmand - Relish Food and LifeSo how was it?  To me the mark of a good brownie is a crispy top, slightly gooey centre, and ideally chunks of chocolate (or macadamias) throughout.  This was a great brownie, no chockie chunks but still delish.  I’d love it heated with some vanilla bean ice cream. If you order it in-house they serve it with house made caramel sauce. Mmm.

The last point I have to add about Le Cafe Gourmand is that each time I visit there are French people there.  What’s the mark of a good restaurant serving cuisine from another country?  That, right there.  The Gold Coast French are voting for Le Cafe Gourmand with their feet, I will again, and so should you!

Loo review: The loos are a little tired but clean and well maintained, 7/10.

2545 Gold Coast Hwy (Crn 36 Cronulla Ave), Mermaid Beach
07 5572 7793
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