So we’ve made a decision not to have any dairy for a couple of months (excepting Christmas week because we’re going to Melbourne).  Might not sound like a big deal, but I struggled to even think about it at first.  No cheese, butter, ice cream, milk in my coffee or yoghurt!  How will I cope?

I’m not someone who likes to gulp litres of milk, but today is Day 1 and it’s already proving hard.  We went for brekky this morning at Commune, one of my favourite local haunts.  So off the list for me was the corn fritters (my favourite) and the mushrooms with feta on sourdough.  Sigh.  So I had scrambled eggs, with no milk or cream, and some toast (I wanted bacon but it was meat free Monday).  Without even thinking about it, I buttered one of my pieces of toast and had a bite… oops!  Thankfully there was some yummy chilli relish to put on my other slice of toast.

Also this morning was my first non-milk coffee (soy milk is often sweetened, gross, and it doesn’t agree with me).  I had a 1/2 shot long black, and actually enjoyed it.  As someone that loves my coffee it’s probably best for me to taste it sans milk to get the full flavour.  However, I need to beware of too much caffeine – heart palpitations are not good for you, right?  Usually Commune put 2 shots of coffee in a long black – eek!

Lunch was leftovers (Asian mince with rice noodles, yum!), for snacks I ate my home made protein balls and nuts, and for dinner we headed to Guzman y Gomez.  I’m pleased to report it tasted great, even without the cheese.  I was initially wondering what I could have for dessert, as I’m a big fan of ice cream, gelati and Lindt milk chocolate.  We picked up some dark chocolate (low sugar, no milk added) from a healthfood store nearby, which was $10 for a tiny portion but good for us!  So day 1, no dairy, went quite well.

Yes, I know there are waaay more important things in the world than giving up dairy, but as someone who loves (read: slightly obsessed) their food this is a big deal to me.  In fact, I was so reluctant that at one point Sime said it was like I was giving up heroin or something.  So why am I doing it?  For health reasons.  We’re sort of into the Paleolithic diet at the moment and always try to eat high protein but with loads of veg and legumes.

As someone who’s always hungry I’ll miss the organic vanilla bean yoghurt which tides me over between meals.  I’ll also miss feta (great in salads), butter and any ice cream related products.  Still, if it improves my health it’s worth it! (right!?).  I agree with the statement that we’re the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk that’s meant for that animal’s babies….  When you think about it, it’s a bit gross (but so delicious…).