I am SO excited…  Because I’m back baby!  I love food and I love writing about it, and I’ve missed it (awww).

What happened, you might ask?  Well, I have twin boys who are now 4.  So, a couple of things really:

  1. Not much time to dine out or travel between work and kids (I now work from home in my own hours, which means more time to eat, cook and write); and
  2. Cooking for toddlers pretty much stole my love of cooking for a while (for the love of God, how many times can I make chicken nuggets and fish fingers) (this coming from someone who probably BC [before children] sanctimoniously said, “I’ll never feed my children XXXX [insert unhealthy food type here which I now feed them]”. I actually think that’s a form of parental karma.. but I digress.  As usual.)

So what are my plans?  Firstly, continue to write about great food on the Gold Coast where I live.  I have seen the variety and quality of food here just soar during the last few years (which I shall affectionately title the ‘toddler twilight zone’).

Plus, I visit Melbourne at least once a year, so I’ll fill you in on my best Melbourne finds.  And best of all, now the twins are at an age to do more air travel, I have lots of juicy travel plans in the works.  And of course one of the reasons I travel, is to eat.

Lastly, I want to give you some of my recipes.  To me, what makes a great recipe is something that ideally doesn’t take long to make, uses a great combination of ingredients (ideally seasonal) and just tastes kick arse (of course…).

For those of you who don’t know me, for cafe, restaurant or travel reviews, I visit anonymously and only write a post if I enjoyed my experience (I don’t like spreading bad vibes or news, everyone who has worked in food knows that all cafes and restaurants have bad moments / days).  If I am offered a free meal to do a post then I’ll be honest and say that.  In fact, if a cafe or restaurant asks me to do a review, I’m upfront with them that unless it’s good I won’t do a blog post (but I’ll let them know what went wrong if something did).

So here I go!  I’m planning on posting weekly so stay tuned.  Also to keep you fellow food lovers out there updated I’ll be on Facebook or Instagram soon (choices, choices… or both?).  Anyway, stay tuned and let me know if you have any suggestions, recipes or food nerd tips!