When I first mentioned the idea of a vegan restaurant for the next episode in my GC Take-In Fest, my husband did not look excited.  So how did a popular local, Greenhouse Canteen & Bar, perform when delivered to our door by UberEATS to a somewhat skeptical diner?

It wasn’t that he actually said he didn’t want to try it… it was more like a vibe, a lack of excitement if you will.  And I kind of get it.  After last week’s triumphant Good Wolf carnivore’s delight burger dinner, this couldn’t be more different (I’m salivating right now just thinking about those burgers…).

Aanyway, back to my choice of Vegan dinner.  I have dined at Greenhouse twice before and loved it, so I really wanted to try it with my husband and see what he thought.

Using the UberEATS app (and being a woman who knows what I want), I had our whole meal ordered within 5 minutes.  We were famished so I loved checking the progress of the driver’s car on the map on my app.  37 minutes later, our dinner was delivered with a smile – pretty good time for a restaurant quality meal!

Greenhouse, Miami via UberEATS, Relish Food and Life

I decided to start out with the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings ($15): Besan battered florets, ranch dressing, house made tomato relish.  The besan (chickpea flour) batter was crunchy with a delicious earthy, nutty flavour and tasted great with the relish and ranch.  Only thing we’d suggest is a bit more sweetness in the relish to balance the flavours, but this still tasted good.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Greenhouse Miami, Relish Food and Life

Next up, the Arancini Balls ($17): brown rice, mushroom, sage Arancini balls with cashew parmesan.  These were delicious, creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  The sage flavour was perfectly balanced with the earthy mushrooms and the sauce.  Sime really enjoyed this dish.

Arancini Balls, Greenhouse Miami, Relish Food and Life

From experience I knew that sharing one main with two entrees would fill us up.  I ordered the Jackfruit Enchilada ($25): smoked jackfruit, turmeric rice, avocado salsa, sour cream, turmeric cheese, pickled cabbage.  The jackfruit had a beautiful smoky flavour, and tasted delish with all the other elements of the dish.   Another winner in Sime’s book.

Jackfruit Enchilada, Greenhouse Miami, Relish Food and Life

Result: one husband who is now convinced that eating Vegan can be delicious (side benefit:  it’s really good for you).  Yet another meal that survived the trip via UberEATS really well.  So absolutely I’d order this again.  I love the idea of getting healthy, delicious food delivered to my table and recommend you do the same.

p.s. and we loved the little note the Greenhouse team wrote us too.  It really is the little things that count ?.

Greenhouse love, Relish Food and Life

1916 Gold Coast Highway, Miami
Open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday
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