Ex-Jamie Oliver chefs who’ve set up shop on the Gold Coast. Did that catch your attention? Because it did mine. That, the cool name (Fingers and Bones), and the consistent good reviews from diners, and I was in!

We had two family birthday celebrations within a month, the first of which we celebrated with a brunch at Fingers and Bones.  This was soon followed by my sister’s birthday in which she requested a repeat visit there.  So if that isn’t enough of a recommendation (my sister is pretty fussy [ok, discerning, sorry sis] like me), then let me tell you more.

Fingers and Bones is located at Mermaid within the building that previously housed Vivre Vie (for those who are familiar with it).  It has a nice vintage looking shop front, and an awesome sprawling lawn / garden space out back (go down the lane to the right).  This space would be great for those of us with squids who need to burn off some energy and make some noise.

Upon arrival both times we were greeted by friendly floor staff who seated us and took our coffee order. Note to waiting staff – along with Fingers and Bones, Melbourne café peeps are on the ball. As soon as you sit down at brekky, they take your coffee order and leave you in peace to peruse the menu.   It’s those little extra service touches I love.

Coffee arrived and it was good, my sister didn’t enjoy hers so much so I can’t say it was exceptional.

Aaanyway, on to the menu. It starts with ‘Any time Dahl’… they had me at “hello”. But seriously, what a great way to start a menu.   Any menu in which, whilst I read, I start to salivate and have a decision crisis about what to order is a winner for me.

For you sweet brekky lovers, can I just mention the Crepe, with Autumn Apple and Cinnamon with Anzac Crumble, Ice Cream and Honey ($16)?  This is one of those times I wish I liked sweet brekkies.

But I keep getting drawn back to a brekky salad, so that’s what I had. Plus bacon. Everything’s better with bacon…

The Green Brekkie Bowl with of Kale, Avocado, Green Salsa, Poached Egg and Homemade Corn Bread ($16) plus Bacon ($4) was great. Beautiful presentation, perfectly poached egg, the salsa nestled in a half avocado, well cooked, good quality bacon and a fresh, tasty green salad. Plus the corn bread.

At this point you might be going… “Corn bread?” But seriously, that stuff is awesome. Lavishly slathered with butter, perfectly crunchy and soft. Overall the dish was an amazing combination of that sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy “kwan” that I love. Oh, and did I mention my sister had it and also loved it?

Two other diners that first visit had the Smoked Salmon & Potato Hash “Benny” with Herby Hollandaise and Lemon ($19). The Potato Hash looked divinely creamy, again great presentation and both diners said their meals were delicious (this was the meal my sister wanted to return for).



Last was my Granny, whose tastes are, shall we say, conservative?  She had the Folded Omelette with Vintage Cheddar, Garden Shoots and Seeded Pumpkin Toast ($16).  Gran seemed a bit dubious about the amazing looking fresh herbs and crispy sage leaves, but said it was delicious.


On our next visit, what did I have? I know, I’m sorry to disappoint you for not trying something else (Byron Bacon “Slab” with Crispy Polenta Chips, Fried Egg & Chilli Sauce anyone?), but I had to have the same. And spoiler alert – my sister had the Benny with smoked salmon. The plus for you is that we can report it was just as good, and we plan to go back.

Fingers and Bones has a monthly supper club I fully intend to visit (when I can get a night off putting the kids to bed). I just love finding chefs who are truly passionate about what they do, showcasing produce in skilled ways with delicious flavour combinations to stimulate your tastebuds.

I’ll be heading back there again for brekky with my hubby, I highly recommend you do too!

2364 Gold Coast Highway
07 5572 3224
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