Let’s be honest, Commune is one of my favourite local coffee haunts, so I go there about 3 or 4 times a week.  Sime suggested it was about time I blog about their brekky because I recommend it and go there to eat pretty often too.  So here it is – it was yummy as always!

Commune was opened just over a year about by husband and wife Nerissa and Mitch and their sister Fi.  They’ve done a great job converting an old butcher shop on the lower Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh using a retro / eco theme.  Side note – for years I’ve pointed at that butcher shop and said it would be great to convert into a cafe.  Why didn’t I, you might ask?  One cafe’s enough! (although it is only open on weekends – for those of you who don’t know we own The Silo Cafe at Carrara Markets which I’ve mentioned before in my best coffee post…).

As usual the coffee I ordered was perfect.  I’m having a weak piccolo at the moment, a legacy of the no-dairy diet.  I just can’t bring myself to drink a full cup of milk any more.  The plus side is I really get to taste the coffee, downer is that it’s a small cup.  Why weak?  Because too much caffeine makes me crazy (moreso).

For brekky I ordered the Corn Fritters, one of my favourite menu items.  They are perfectly cooked, filled with sweet fresh corn, and served with a coriander salsa made with chunks of creamy avocado and cherry tomatoes.  The fritters are great on their own, but when I’m feeling particularly decadent I order a side of bacon (note: Commune does meat free Mondays, so no bacon on Mondays).

My friend had the Bircher Muesli which I’ve been told is really good.  She said she really enjoyed it.

The really special thing about Commune (apart from its great coffee and food) is the vibe created by the owners and staff.  It has to be one of the most friendly places I go to have coffee.  There’s no pretension, and you get a genuinely warm welcome every time you go (yes, I’m a regular now but this does apply to all).  Plus they have all the newspapers and loads of magazines if you like to have a quiet coffee and a read.  Note that it does get very busy now, particularly mid morning and lunch periods.

Other food highlights?  Friends love the My Fave brekky (half an avo, poached eggs and Sol Bread Toast), the Mushrooms and Persian Feta on Toast look amazing, I like the Bacon, egg and cheese wrap with lots of smokey BBQ sauce (guilty pleasure), and the Pancakes with Banana and Coconut Ice Cream are delicious (it’s that yummy dairy free coconut ice cream).  Lunch highlight for me is their delicious fresh salad made every day.  They also have a selection of fresh sandwiches in the display fridge and do fresh juices and smoothies.

So it’s no surprise that I recommend Commune often – try it!

Loo Review: there’s one unisex loo but it’s always very clean, and unlike the toilets at some other cafes / restaurants I’m not scared to use it (!)  7/10