Whenever I need to go to Southport and want to eat I’m always stuck for options (suggestions welcome!).  This time I checked out the coffee lovers website beanhunter.com, and decided to try Coffee Smith.  Yay! Finally – somewhere to have a decent coffee in Southport!Coffee Smith is in a newish building located on the site of the old Sundale building for those of you who remember it (now I’m showing my age).  Sime and I arrived fairly early to on a Monday to a quiet café and a friendly welcome.

The interior of Coffee Smith sort of reminds me of the retro industrial style fit out that is popular at the moment (and that I like, it reminds me a little of Melbourne).  Bare concrete floors, arty black walls, bare steel looking furniture and dark wooden table tops.

We both ordered a coffee (Campos beans) whilst we decided what we wanted to eat.  Sime ordered a long black and I ordered a piccolo (= mini latte).  The long black had a nice thick crema on it, Sime commented that they are getting a good extraction.  My piccolo was also perfect.


Their breakfast menu is a bit limited if you’re expecting a selection of fresh cooked items, but there’s some yummy stuff on offer.  Actually, I realized after I’d ordered that I’d totally missed the fact they had a standard cooked brekky available at the top of the menu (der).  Also a guy walked in when we were eating and ordered a bacon and egg sandwich which wasn’t on the menu that I could see… maybe I missed it? (not surprising since I missed the first item on the menu..!)

We both ordered the Avocado on Toast with Chilli Flakes, Sime had his with Smoked Salmon.  I asked if there were any multigrain or wholemeal options available, unfortunately not.  The owner assured us that the bread they used (buttermilk bread I think?) was great so we went ahead anyway.

Our food arrived quickly and was yummy.  How can you go wrong with a lovely serving of Fresh smashed Avocado on bread with lots of fresh lemon?  Mmm.  The bread itself was soft and a bit sweet to the taste which was unusual but good.  Sime said his salmon was good.  Also our food was served on some pretty stripey paper which was a nice touch (both pics look quite similar, FYI the one showing a side view has the salmon on it).


We both had another coffee and the quality was just as good as the first cup.  Sime had a chat with the owner who is lovely, and also went back later that week and enjoyed another good cup of coffee.  So full marks on consistency of coffee quality.

So in short, we both really liked Coffee Smith and will be back when we visit Southport (yes I know it’s not that far from where we live, we just never get up there).    As I said, it’s not somewhere I’d go if I’m hankering for a hot brekky because I like things like baked eggs, corn fritters (try Commune at Burleigh), Middle Eastern omelettes and the like (spoilt by Melbourne, I know!).  But, if I’m in the mood for a light brekky or a snack I’ll be back!

Loo review – Coffee Smith is part of a larger accommodation (I think?) building complex.  They have access to very clean loos that it looks like the building maintains and cleans.  Nice – 8/10!

Shop 405/1 Como Crescent  Southport 07 5532 4587

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