Canteen is already one of my favourite places to grab a coffee, so I was looking forward to their new food outlet Canteen Kitchen opening two doors away from the cafe on Park Avenue in Burleigh.  We headed there for breakfast and really enjoyed their Middle Eastern inspired menu.

We arrived with giant pram in tow and were advised at first that there were no tables.  We did ask and unfortunately you can’t order food if you’re sitting at the cafe.  So – if you’re only having coffee you should sit at Canteen.  If you’re eating, you can sit at Canteen Kitchen.  As we were walking away one of the staff ran after us and said she could find us a table – she actually moved some people who were just having coffee down to the cafe for us.  Lovely for us, but not sure how they felt…  But more about this later.

We ordered a coffee and whilst we perused the menu the waitress brought us some water (sometimes it’s the little things that impress me, I still love it when restaurants and cafes give you water – quite recently on the GC some restaurants and cafes would try and charge you or you’d have to ask).

As I said the menu has some Middle Eastern inspiration with ingredients like labneh (a mild cheese with a texture like cream cheese), kofta, za’atar and dukkah.  So it was nice to want to try more than one thing on the menu for a change – in fact it’s nice to see someone doing something a little bit different to the usual GC brekky offerings.

I decided to try the za’atar flat bread | scrambled egg | labneh | green olives ($12).  What a delicious brekky – silky scrambled eggs garnished with contintental parsley, tasty spiced flat bread, creamy labneh and salty green olives.  It’s not a huge portion but was the perfect size for me.

Sime ordered the smashed broadbeans on sourdough toast | labneh | joseph olive oil ($12).  He said the combination of flavours was great, good quality ingredients combined simply and complementing each other well.  You can order a poached egg for another $2 on this meal and I’d recommend it.  Again not a large portion size so go with the egg and maybe ask for another piece of bread if you’re a large eater.

Our coffee was great as it always is so I won’t say anything else on that topic (if you want to see where I like to drink coffee, check out my Best Coffee post).

The guys have done a great job with the fit out of the restaurant, it’s a small space but it looks very open and airy and has outside seating under cover.  You can also see straight into the kitchen – I could see the chef preparing my scrambled eggs – mmm.

The service we had was wonderful, and although the portion sizes aren’t huge you’re getting good quality ingredients combined well and a taste of some complementary Middle Eastern flavours.

I do wonder how the guys will go with people getting annoyed, I heard the waitress move people who had sat down and only ordered coffee to the cafe.  Some people probably won’t go back after an experience like that.. but it doesn’t bother me (although I do know how it works now!).

All in all we really enjoyed our brekky and will be back, make sure you give it a try.

Sorry no loo review this time – I’ll check it out next time I visit!

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