After going for a walk along the beach at the Swell Sculpture Festival today (which was lovely and well worth a visit), a friend called to meet for lunch so we decided to try Burger Lounge after reading a write up in U Magazine (Sunday Mail 11/9/11).  The article mentioned the Wagyu Truffle Burger which Sime and I were both keen to try (truffles… mmm).

I wasn’t that hungry, so at the promise of a bite of Simon’s Wagyu Truffle Burger, I ordered a mini burger, the Petit Fromage for $7.00 (note: chips pictured below are a side order… see more details on chips below).  Although it looked quite small when it came out, it was delicious and certainly filling enough.  I have to say I was worried as at first the burger resembled one of those mini burgers Sizzler have been advertising on TV (sliders?)….  Thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Seriously, how could you not enjoy Swiss Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Aioli and Pickled Cucumbers on a white bun with a home made burger patty?  Also the pickled cucumbers were home made (not the usual pre-purchased dill pickles they put in other burgers… which I enjoy, but this took things to a whole new level).  I noticed on the menu you can try a combo of 4 or 6 mini burgers which could be a bit like a burger degustation for those burger lovers out there (pause for collective food snob sighs… but seriously, a great way to try their menu).

Our friend ordered the Beef and Bacon Burger ($12.50).  He’s a straight shooter, so here are his comments:

  • Great meat to bun ratio
  • Low slippage (i.e. the meat didn’t slip out of the bread)
  • Good composition
  • Good sauce
  • Not a take away burger (don’t try and eat on your lap, you need a plate, people!) (or a table or giant napkin of some sort…?)

Sime’s Wagyu Truffle Burger ($17.00) also received top marks.  I had a bite myself (yay!) and I’m happy to report the burger was again, delicious.  The burger itself was huge with a delicious meat patty and the fragrance and flavour of truffles just enhancing the overall taste.  Sadly, his only comment was “good” (just to context that he was still chewing, which generally means he loved it).



We ordered some fries to share, think they were beer battered ($7.50 for a share plate which was enough for 3, and could be enough for 4 to share as a side).  They were fresh, crispy and served with a side of Roasted Garlic Aioli (or Tomato Relish if you wish) and sprinkled with salt flakes.

After lunch, we headed next door to My Gelato.  I love a good gelati (after having a gelati every day for three weeks in Italy a couple of years ago… sigh) and this didn’t disappoint.  Creamy, perfect texture and excellent fresh ingredients (including real vanilla beans – yum!).  My Gelato is owned by an Italian who proudly displays his Gelati making Certificate from a school in Italy.  Also, they top each serve of gelati with a mini scoop of another flavour (great marketing, I wanted more!).

After lunch I couldn’t believe I hadn’t already been to Burger Lounge before (I’m swearing off Grill’d for life!).  We’ll definitely be heading back, their menu has tempting options regardless of whether you like beef, chicken, lamb or are a vegetarian (or you’re a burger gourmand looking for that elusive degustation experience).  The prices are very reasonable given the quality of ingredients, and the service was friendly (despite there being only one staff member on she made us great food and served everyone with a smile).  Support a local and a business who knows how to do real burgers with a home made gourmet twist, then go next door for the best gelati on the Coast!

Shop 6b, 1 Douglas Street Coolangatta (07 5599 5762)

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