After driving up to Brisvegas for a day of shopping with my sis, we decided to start our day with a coffee.  Not being familiar with the best places for a caffeine hit in Brisbane CBD, I remembered being taken to Brew by a friend of mine during my last visit and being impressed.


Brew is down a city laneway off Albert Street (the street that intersects Queen Street Mall and is part Mall).  When you arrive you have the option of take away / sit outside or stepping down into the basement for a sit down coffee.


The staff demographic here is young, urban and edgy, which can sometimes mean too cool service but wasn’t the case at all.  When ordered at the bar, our waitress / barista was super friendly and apologetic for keeping us waiting.  We took a seat on some vintage lounge chairs and took in the surroundings.  Brew has an urban vintage feel, and although it’s in a basement at the bottom of a laneway in the city it’s a cool spot to spend some time.


Our coffees arrived (Di Bella), were well made with a good extraction and microfoam with a couple of chocolate coated coffee beans on the side.  We also ordered a Raspberry and Coconut Friand to share (as a pre-shopping snack) which was delicious.  The friand was made with the right amount of raspberries (which I think is about 1 to every 1-2 bites) and shredded coconut which added some nice texture.



We had the chance to check out Brew’s menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Bummer we weren’t hungry at that point as we would both like to eat there.  Brew serve Tapas and have a full bar for those arriving later in the day (although my definition of cocktail hour is always flexible).

Sometimes when you’re in a city, you get caught up in the busy-ness and just need a little Oasis to rest for a while.  Brew is certainly one of these places, and the next time I’m in Brissy I’ll be heading back regardless of whether I need brekky, lunch, dinner, a drink or just a coffee.

Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane (07) 3211 4242

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