I’ve previously added this groovy little place to my ‘Best Coffee on the Gold Coast’ post, and thought I should visit again as I’ve been told they have a new menu.  We enjoyed our coffee and brekky was tasty with good quality ingredients but I did feel like the price for the food was a bit steep given the portion size…

Blackboard Specialty Coffee is one of those exciting little places that have popped up in different locations throughout the Coast in the past couple of years.  These guys are actually already on my Best coffee post, and they continue to provide consistently high quality coffee including single origin options.

Being my live in coffee boffin and the person who orders black coffee (so can really tell what the flavour is like), Sime always has first review on the coffee.  He ordered a couple of double espressos said that Blackboard is doing a great job and produces a good extraction from both single origin and house blend.  I ordered a large flat white (need… coffee… sleep deprivation due to babies… yawn!) and also really enjoyed it.

For brekky I ordered the Farmer – Crispy Kyogle bacon, rosemary potato hash, roasted tomato and 2 poached eggs on sourdough ($18.5).  I have to say the ingredients used were of high quality but I wasn’t that impressed with the quantity of food for the price.  There was one piece of bacon, just one more and I would’ve felt like the meal was closer to $18.5.  Also to be picky, the tomato wasn’t roasted… however, as I said, great quality ingredients and the poached eggs were perfect.

I have recently visited Blackboard and enjoyed one (or two!) of their muffins, house baked with yummy ingredients like raspberry and dark chocolate.  Mmm!  So many places get muffins wrong – I prefer the home made rustic looking product with lots of yummy ingredients (nod here to Borough and Barefoot Barista’s delicious muffins too – raspberry and ricotta muffin the other day was heaven!).  Ok, sorry, heading off on a tangent again… back to Blackboard.

The fit out is the industrial style favoured by a lot of cafes at the moment, so a nice ambience with air con.  For those pram toters out there, the cafe fits in my mega twin pram, so you’ll be fine – air con and somewhere to put the pram, without steps, yay!  Also every time I have visited the staff are lovely, the service is  consistently friendly and unpretentious.

So yes I recommend you visit Blackboard, my sis says their lunch menu is also delicious.  I’ll always go back for coffee and treats but I’m not so sure about their brekky after this experience…  I still miss Melbourne where you can pay about $15 for an amazing brekky at a cafe with a creative menu and a chef that knows and respects good produce.  Again with the tangent.. sorry!  (But if you are going to Melbourne, check out my post on our fave brekky places from last year).

Loo review: the loo is shared as part of the building, clean and well maintained 7/10

7/240 Varsity Parade, 5575 7538

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