Surfers Paradise… not somewhere I usually think of when I want a good coffee or brekky.  I’d heard about Black Coffee Lyrics (thanks Russell:) ) and just needed an excuse to go to Surfers.  I know that Surfers isn’t the other end of the world but it’d have to be pretty good to drag me back.. and it was!

Black Coffee Lyrics is located upstairs in one of the old arcades between the Gold Coast Highway and Orchid Avenue.  As I said, Surfers has really lost most (all?) of its appeal for me other than a few great little Japanese places and a Korean place we occasionally visit…. until now.

I arrived to meet my friend for brekky and took in the surrounds.  The place is fitted out with exposed brick, recycled furniture and a mish mash of old pictures and books.  It looks like a groovy old loft in New York or something.  The staff are relaxed and friendly, in fact the overall vibe of the place itself is pretty relaxed.

We ordered a coffee and took a seat while one of the guys brought us over menus to take a look at.  Their brekky menu is quite interesting, not your standard boring breakfast fare.  I noticed lots of basil cream mentioned throughout which I didn’t feel like but would be happy to try when I return.  I decided to try the Avocado and Vegan Cream Cheese with tomato and coriander salsa served with gluten free bread ($15), and as you do with a vegetarian breakfast, added Bacon ($4).  Avocado, bacon and lemon – is there any better combo?

Our coffees arrived and looked well made but quite dark in colour, so I thought maybe strong.  I was wrong, they were very well made and tasted great.  I was also wondering what the caffeine content would be like I’m quite sensitive to caffeine.  Thankfully I  didn’t have the heart flutters I seem to get when I drink Merlo coffee.  It wasn’t clear what brand the beans were, but who cares, they tasted great.

My brekky arrived and it looked delicious.  They forgot the bacon but quickly rectified that which was great.  The avocado and cream cheese was mixed with rocket and served on the salsa.  The creamy texture of the avo and cream cheese with the piquant salsa and salty bacon was divine.


My friend and I sat for a few hours to catch up and felt very comfy just sitting and chatting.  I could quite happily take a book or some homework (learning French at the moment) and sit for hours.  It just has a warm, comfy, relaxed feeling with a cool vintage vibe.  I’ll definitely be heading back to Surfers soon to try another brekky or give their tapas menu a go.

41 Centre Arcade, 4/3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, (0402) 189 437
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