Ah Bastille Day (the 14th July BTW).  What a great way to celebrate, “Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite” whilst enjoying some of the amazing food (ok, and wine and champagne) France has to offer.  So where to celebrate on the GC this year?  Here’s my top 3 suggestions.

Short history lesson: Bastille Day celebrates the storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789.  This became the flash point for revolution to spread and overthrow the Monarchy and eventual execution of Louis XVI and his infamous wife Marie Antoinette (thank you to Wikipedia).  Generally though, it’s a patriotic celebration.  What better reason to raise your champagne flute and salute?

OK, so let’s get to the point, here are my top 3 (not in any particular order), with the reasons why below:

  1. The Little Truffle, Mermaid Beach
  2. Le Cafe Gourmand, Mermaid Beach
  3. Citrique at The Marriott, Surfers Paradise

The Little Truffle

This is one of my local favourites for an upmarket dinner and has been for some time. Without sounding like an old timer (too late) I’ve worked with Daniel Ridgeway in a couple of Hotel Restaurants both in Melbourne and on the GC and the guy is just a great chef.  Same-same for his Bin 12 which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting before.

Every time I visit The Little Truffle there is the same high level of attention to detail with the flavours, textures and quality of the food.  Not to mention the service which is also wonderful.  So if a friend asks me where they should go for a good GC dinner this is usually on my list.   Click here for details of their Bastille Day Lunch, at $65 a head for 4 courses it sounds delish (add $45 for matching wines).

Le Cafe Gourmand

Le Cafe Gourmand is just quintessentially French – their motto, “Mange bien” (eat well).  Great baguettes and pastries, and every time I go there it’s like a little slice of France.  Case in point: once when I visited for brekky a table of French speakers arrived and just kicked up the ambience a notch with their energetic and passionate sounding French conversation.  All whilst I could smell someone’s truffled omelette in the background… sigh.

Sad news is their Bastille Day Dinner is already booked out.  But they are offering the same menu on 28th July, four courses for $62 pp.  Drinks are either BYO with corkage or they are fully licensed.  Give them a call to book on 07 5572 7793.

The Marriott

This may sound like a bit of an odd choice* for me, but from 14th to 23rd July the Marriott’s Citrique is offering a ‘Taste of France’ with the addition of dishes like Duck a l’Orange, Rabbit a la prune sauce, Tarte Tatin, along with their usual seafood buffet.

*Why an odd choice?  Because I know what you’re thinking… buffet!?  Although I haven’t visited for a while I was very impressed with my last meal at Citrique and would recommend a visit.  I should say here I usually avoid buffets but this is one of the rare exceptions.

On Bastille Day they are offering a Food and Wine Tasting including Laurent Perriere for $99 per person.  For any other days during the Taste of France week, Monday to Thursday is $79 pp, Friday $85 pp, Saturday $89 pp (I have to wonder, why the $4 price difference… really…?).

So that’s it, mes amies.  Although I have plans on Friday (which may involve working then putting two four year olds to bed), I am with you in spirit whilst you sip champagne and enjoy the amazing cuisine the French have brought the world.  Please have a champagne for me, and Salute!