Years ago now Sime and I went to Mexico and absolutely loved the food, the people, history and natural beauty.  In fact, I could go on for hours about the food that we enjoyed there – fresh fish tacos with home made salsa, fresh tortillas, muddled hot chocolate with chilli and spices… so many wonderful flavours… sigh.

So why am I talking about potato chips?  Because recently two of my friends made trips to Mexico, and I asked them both to bring back my favourite potato chips (mainly because they are easier to carry than a tortilla press or masses of Mexican ingredients).  So twice in the past 3 months I’ve been delivered packets of delicious Sabritas Limon (Mexican Lime) flavour chips (thanks a million to Rory and Christie!).

What makes them so good?  Well, firstly I love citrus, and have been known to go a little crazy with too much lemon or lime when cooking (slice of bush lemon anyone?).  Also, Limon is a higher acidity, stronger flavoured lime and tastes like a blend of lemon and lime.  But what about the chips?  They have such a fresh, light sour flavour that you forget you’re eating fried potato slices and can’t stop eating them.  This is going to sound a bit (lot?) out there, but they taste like sunshine and remind me of the beach (Ah Mexican beaches – fresh squeezed lemonade or margaritas anyone?).

So what about substitutes?  I’ve tried Red Rock Deli Lime and Black Pepper, but they’re not even close.  They’re too sweet and have a heavy flavour.  The Kettle Chips Lime and Chilli chips are pretty good, but still miss that fresh, light but zesty lemon punch that the Sabritas Limon flavour has.

I recently found out that I can buy Lays Limon Chips (same same but from the USA) for about $5.50 a packet, but postage is $15 … Guess I’d need to make a bulk order.   Since I only eat treats like potato chips rarely, I don’t think having a giant box of potato chips in my house is a very good idea (my willpower isn’t up to the test).  Does anyone want to buy some chips?

Ah well, some things are best kept as treats so they are always special.