We popped up for a quick visit to GOMA recently in Brissy, and decided to try Anouk.  I had walked past and checked it out recently after hearing lots of good things about it.  We had to wait for a table and I can see why – we really enjoyed it.

We arrived with a group of 4 around 9:30am to a full restaurant and some people waiting outside for a table.  The host was fantastic, and let us know that someone had just received their bill and that the table wouldn’t be long (in total it was about 5-7 mins wait, tops).  The restaurant is set in an old double shop front with its menu on blackboards on one of the walls (don’t worry, they do give you menus to peruse as well).  There is banquette seating along one wall, and simple wooden table and chairs matching with the clean but retro style interior.  The old double fronted shop with white wooden bay style windows makes it feel open and airy.

We had already enjoyed at coffee at home before the drive up, so unfortunately there won’t be any coffee review, sorry (too much caffeine makes me go a bit crazy… moreso).  We did note that Merlo is the bean of choice and the coffees served around us looked well made.

To start off with, I ordered a Muddled concoction of Soda, Lime, Ginger and Fresh Mint ($5.5).  This arrived and was filled with fresh lime wedges, fresh mint sprigs, and came with a spoon so I could squash everything to create more flavour if I wanted to.  Mum had a similar Muddled drink but made with Lemon, Lime and Sparkling Apple Juice ($4.5).  Again, delicious fresh citrus flavours with loads of lemon and lime wedges.  My nephew commented that he thought this was too sour, but I loved it.


My nephew had the Callebaut Hot Chocolate ($4.5).  I tasted it, it was a nice hot chocolate but not one I’d rave about.  The Callebaut Chocolate itself was nice and chunky in the bottom of the glass, I guess I just had an image of a beautifully rich darker coloured beverage in my mind.  Still, my nephew really enjoyed it.





My sister and I both ordered the Goat’s Cheese, Dukkah, Rocket and Avocado on Toast served with Lemon ($14.5).  Whilst this was somewhat hard to eat because of the sliced sourdough baguette underneath, the bread is a highlight.  I ended up chopping up the rocket mixture and putting it on top of the bread to eat with my hands like a Bruschetta (which I suppose it was).  The flavours combined beautifully, nothing was too overwhelming which could easily happen with strong ingredients like Goat’s Cheese and Dukkah.

Mum had Free Range Poachers, roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Bacon on toast served with Hollandaise Sauce ($13).  Mum said the Hollandaise was a little bland for her liking and she would’ve liked more.  The eggs were perfectly poached, bacon had a strong flavour (maybe due to pre-cooking, which, realistically most/all breakfast venues would do) and although cherry tomatoes aren’t her favourite they were quite nice.  Mum also liked the bread.


My nephew had Parmesan Scrambled Eggs on toast with Basil Pesto Butter ($12).  The eggs were beautiful and fluffy, and he said he particularly enjoyed the basil pesto butter on the toast. Again, he loved the bread.

So why did we think the bread was so good?  It had the crispy outside and soft inside that remind me of the baguettes you get in France.  They’re so good you can just sit and eat great hunks of them with butter and nothing else (although as I said above, not easy to cut up with a knife and fork… but just pick it up if you need to, yum!)

We couldn’t fault the service at Anouk, the prices were reasonable and overall we really enjoyed our brekky.  Their lunch menu looks just as good.  I found out after visiting the restaurant that it was opened by Justine Whelan, formerly of the Gun Shop Cafe in West End (also a great place for a Brissy brekky).  Clearly Anouk is just as popular as almost the whole time we were there, people were waiting for tables.  Wow, I keep finding places in Brisbane that I want to go back to and I don’t get up there enough.  Bummer….

Loo review – Mum and my sister both visited the unisex loos and said although clean they are a bit old and in need of some love.  5/10.

212 Given Terrace, Paddington (07) 3367 8663

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