We were planning dinner with a friend who wanted us to take him to one of our top 10 favourite GC restaurants…. sadly at the moment I don’t really have a top 10, but I’m working on it.  Having heard good things about Allure on Currumbin (French with an Australian twist), it was already on my list of places to eat on the GC, so I decided to do some internet research.  Allure does have its own website, but I noticed it had been mentioned on Trip Advisor so decided to investigate further.  There are 56 reviews on Trip Advisor, 50 of which were rated 5 out of 5!  It certainly sounded like a top 10 contender, so we booked dinner for that Friday night.

The restaurant is small and cozy and decorated with a classic theme with modern touches of black, white and silver.  Whilst perusing the menu, we received an Amuse Bouche (French for amuse the mouth, or a little taster to get your taste buds going and show you what’s to come) of Cauliflower Puree with Truffle Oil.  The texture was creamy and the truffle and cauliflower partnered beautifully leaving the lingering taste of truffles (yum).  The waitress came and introduced the menu, then told us in a strong French accent there was no butter… I was a bit puzzled as this is a French restaurant, until I realised she was saying batard (as in small baguette).  Hee hee!

Our friend and I were both keen on the dessert so opted for a main each with dessert.  Sime loves oysters, so ordered Crumbed Tassie Oysters with baby capers and lemon salsa (4 for $14).  He said the crumb texture was fine and smooth, and the cooked oysters were perfect – soft and marshmallowy.  Also the caper and lemon salsa complemented the crumbed oysters well.  After the oysters, Sime was served a sorbet to cleanse his palate which he said was delicious, and thinks was grapefruit and watermelon (he said it was a bit hard to tell as he still had the lemon flavour on his palate after the oysters).

Our mains arrived, our friend and I had ordered Duck Risotto with asparagus, baby spinach, porcini mushrooms, truffle oil and shaved grana padano ($29).  The flavour of this dish was intense and delicious, so much so that I had a “close your eyes” moment to take in the flavour whilst eating (yay!). The small crunchy slices of asparagus with the soft porcini mushrooms and spinach were a nice textural contrast.  Also the parmesan crisp was a great (and tasty garnish).  One thing I was slightly puzzled about was the consistency of the risotto which had a bit of a broth in the bottom of the bowl.  It didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the dish, I’m just not sure if this is the traditional consistency of risotto?

Sime had the Chicken breast filled with tiger prawns, roasted garlic, chives and peppercorn sauce, with kipfler potato, snow peas and truffled carrot ($31).  He said that the dish was delicious.  Chicken and prawns worked together well texturally and were rolled together tightly (didn’t fall apart).  Also the sauce was like a buerre blanc with a delicate peppercorn flavour.


We all decided to order dessert (all $16) and a glass of muscat each to finish off our meal.  I ordered the Pear Tarte Tatin served with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Creme Anglaise which was very sweet and tasty with nice caramelised pears.  I’m a big fan of home made ice cream and the cinnamon didn’t disappoint.  Our friend ordered Chocolate creme brulee with a pistachio and macadamia wafer.  He commented that he usually likes the crisp brulee topping a little more crisp, the brandy snap garnish was crunchy and fresh, and overall the dessert was good.  Sime ordered the Classic French vanille creme caramel which was made with real vanilla beans (it’s surprising how often you don’t see those tell-tale black dots in vanilla desserts) and delicious but he felt the texture was too firm.  We had a quick chat about how hard it is to get everything right in a small restaurant, particularly desserts, as large restaurants have the luxury of pastry chefs.  Still, the very small problems with the desserts didn’t temper our enjoyment of our meals.


Overall we all really enjoyed our visit to Allure on Currumbin and would highly recommend it.  As a local of this area of the Coast who went to school nearby I’m really happy to see such a good quality restaurant move into the neighbourhood.  I feel like the Gold Coast is finally starting to grow up a bit in relation to food (although I’m still puzzled as to why some of the larger coffee chains or poor quality restaurants are always busy… what the!?).

The service was friendly, only comment would be that sometimes it was over-attentive with waitstaff checking on things that were already done by other staff more than once.  The ambience is lovely and relaxing, and it seems to be the place for special occasions (I witnessed 3 or 4 sparkler desserts and heard choruses of Happy Birthday throughout dinner). Still, as they say, every day is a special occasion so I recommend you dine at Allure soon (Wed to Sun for lunch and dinner).  Note – although some of their website says BYO, they now have their license and a good wine list.

PS: Sime has encouraged me to also comment on the bathrooms when I dine out, so here goes with my first official “loo review” (ha ha).  The bathroom is unisex and used by the other restaurant(s?) in the building.  It was fairly clean and tidy (the floor was a bit dirty), we discussed and gave it a 6 out of 10.  What makes a 10?  Probably piped music, thick hand towels, nice soap, hand lotion, separate male-female toilets, super clean… yes, working in 5 star hotels did spoil me a bit….

136 Duringan Street, Currumbin (07) 5525 6006

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