I went to Allure on Currumbin in September last year and reported a great meal with maybe a bit of room for improvement with dessert. We revisited this week with friends, and the food was as wonderful as last time, including our desserts.

I didn’t take any photos for this post, just wanted it to be a quick one to let you know you should definitely try Allure.  The four of us were all trying to save room for dessert, so just had a main to start.  I and one of our party had the Duck Risotto with asparagus, baby spinach, porcini mushrooms, truffle oil and shaved grana padano ($29).  I’m pretty sure I had this last time and it was just as good.  Warm, rich flavours with a well made stock, perfect on a cold winter’s evening. Yum.

Sime ordered the Fish du jour (Snapper) freshly sourced on sautéed potatoes, snow peas, asparagus, lemon beurre blanc and preserved lemon salsa ($33).  He said his meal was delicious, great flavours again.  The last of our party had the Pan seared atlantic salmon with truffled mash, grilled asparagus, crisp parsnip and salsa verde ($32), and said that again it was a great dish that she really enjoyed.

For dessert I had the Pear tarte tatin served with cinnamon ice-cream and creme anglaise ($16), which I think I also had last time.  The pears were perfectly cooked, with a lovely caramelised flavour and the cinnamon ice cream was delicious.  Sime and one of our party enjoyed the Freshly made profiteroles filled with baileys cream, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream ($16), and both said it was great with a delicious home made creamy ice cream.  The last of our party ordered the Chocolate pot filled with chocolate mousse beside handmade cherry ice-cream ($16).  We all thought this sounded like a hot dish but was actually a cone of chocolate filled with mousse.  Our friend enjoyed this but I think he was expecting something a bit different.

Next time I go I’d like to try to the Duck Confit (half a duck) which is de-boned and either served a la Orange or with black cherry.  They also had a great sounding entree special on our visit – a tart or pie with lobster and truffle in it.  Wish I had a bigger appetite!

The only improvement comment I have is actually from a friend at work who has visited the restaurant twice this year and would like to see some changes on the menu.  I must admit I have some local favourite restaurants and I know if I go back the menu will be the same which is nice in one way, but in another you’d like to see what else they can do.

Overall though, it’s wonderful to have such a great quality restaurant locally – give it a try!