My name is Ali and I love to cook, eat and think about my next meal.  This blog is about my life in food… finding those moments where you taste something so good you just want to close your eyes and enjoy.

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast (GC), which has thankfully grown up a lot over the past 5 years with its food and coffee standards.  I grew up here but lived in Melbourne for a few years and visit as often as I can to eat and drink up a storm (then take a few days to recover).

I’m not a chef, but have years of experience working in and around restaurants, and years of experience being food obsessed (books, magazines, TV shows, Facebook and Instagram food stalking, farmers markets, food and wine shows, food and wine tours, researching restaurants when I travel, etc).

My husband Sime is an ex- barista (professional coffee maker), so we both love our coffee (please don’t ask him how to make a great coffee unless you have time to spare…;).  We owned a cafe for 10 years here on the Gold Coast which was his gig, plus Sime is also a great home cook and cooked in a restaurant we owned, so he’s a perfect partner in crime for my food adventures.

A few years ago now things changed a lot with the arrival of my gorgeous, crazy, funny twin boys (who have so much energy it’s unbelievable).  So I haven’t been travelling as much during the toddler twilight years but can’t wait to take them on adventures and eventually get them excited about trying new food (eventually because they are typical toddlers when it comes to food).

Last thing I need to tell you is that I’m not paid to do any of my reviews – if I ever am, I’ll let you know.  I’m always honest about my experiences, but I know that it’s only what I’m seeing on the day and time that I visit (every cafe and restaurant has its bad days).  Also sometimes I choose not to post if I don’t have a good experience – what’s the point in spreading bad vibes?  (I have to say there have been quite a number of places I’ve not posted about…)

Before I sign off I wanted to say a big thank you to my lovely friend Jen for inspiring me to start this food blog.

My motto: Life’s too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine or coffee… so I hope you enjoy my food and travel adventures with me!

Ali x