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The Vegan Experiment

For those of you who read my blog, you’ll know that I enjoy a bit of vegan fare, but also love a good steak or burger.  So you might be wondering (or fearing) – is she just getting on the bandwagon?  What’s with The Vegan Experiment?

I’ll get started by saying straight up that this was not my idea.  In fact, I had to be convinced with regular friendly chats (ok, debates) by my husband.  Who also loves a meal with meat in it, and has previously tried the 4 Hour Body Diet which is all about mixing lean protein with greens (that’s my verrry basic rundown, sorry Timothy Ferriss).  For the record, the 4 hour body diet worked.

Hubster has ruptured discs in his back, which means if he puts on any weight he’s in a world of hurt.  Plus our GP recently told him he has high cholesterol and a higher than normal PSA (his genes carry a genetic predisposition to higher cholesterol and prostate cancer… not a good combination)(understatement).  So this has motivated him to think about trying something different.  His next challenge was getting me on board (cue theme from Rocky).

And really, I’m ripe for a change.  I’m now (gulp) in my mid 40’s, and after a winter of stacking on a few kilos followed by a very indulgent summer party season, I need to do something. OK it’s not really a “few”, more like 10 kilos (I finally weighed myself the other day – eek!).

One other important reason for trying something new: one of our kids has a chronic illness (Type 1 Diabetes.. it’s not the one you’re thinking of with the overweight people, it’s the other one), so this means sleep interruption pretty much every night.  I’m tired a LOT.  I’m hoping a better diet will help my energy and get rid of the brain fog I have since having kids (who am I kidding with that one – ha ha!).

Hangry Meme, Relish Food and LifeBut, despite these good reasons to change… as someone who has been unpleasant when hungry most of her life (it’s called hanger, it’s a real thing, if you don’t believe me, ask my family), I really want to avoid it.  It’s awful.  To stave off hanger, in the past few years I’ve focused on a high protein diet.  Which has worked in almost eliminating it – boom!  For me, that means protein sources with all main meals. Things like pea protein powder in my brekky smoothie, cheese, eggs and meat.

So when Sime first floated the idea of Veganism I was all like… whaaaat!?  Honestly, this may sound dramatic, but I was scared of being permanently hangry and cranky.  My main question was, “why?”.  Followed by, “remind me why again?”.  Then, “what’s with the 5 and 2 plan?”

Hubster proposed that we go Vegan 5 days a week, and then eat our usual diet 2.  He thinks that this way if we are craving something we can hold off for a few days.  He also wants to see how our bodies feel reintroducing meat, eggs and cheese.  Plus just said it’s a bit random so let’s try it (we live on the edge 😂).

Some of you at this point are probably thinking, “what a cop out, that’s not full time Veganism!”.  And yes purists, you may be right, we may be crazy.  But at least we’ll get a window into whether Vegan eating suits our bodies.

My two cents is that everyone’s different: amongst our friends are vegans, meatarians, low FODMAP, coeliacs, vegetarians, low carbohydrate, low calorie, dairy intolerant, paleo… seriously, the list of options is endless.  So why not try something new?

Day one starts tomorrow (Monday).  At this stage we plan to do Monday to Friday Vegan, then see what takes our fancy on the weekends.

So why should you care, and what’s in it for you, dear reader?  Well, at the end of the week I’ll fill you in on what worked and what didn’t, plus share any recipes that are good.  I’ve been menu planning like a demon to try and find stuff that sounds yummy and vegan, but fairly easy and quick to cook (Why?  Because hangry Ali needs to eat NOW!).

How will we feel?  Will hubster survive if my hanger returns?  Stay tuned as I share the results of our experiment.


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