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GC Take-in Fest Part 6: The Little Plate, Burleigh Heads

How do you know when your dinner is going to be good?  Probably when an experienced UberEATS driver subtly says, “good choice” when he drops off your meal.  What a great start for our meal from The Little Plate!

Before I go on, thank you to our delivery driver (biker?) from UberEATS, who delivered our food on his bicycle.  We watched the progress of his tiny bicycle on the map, he showed up at our door bringing food, with a smile, and then pretty much told us our food was going to be great.  Bravo sir.

Let’s rewind a bit here… After quite a few take-in burger blowouts of late, it was time to try something new.  Scrolling through the app, I was looking for a restaurant that would offer some great flavours, good protein and fresh salad or veg.  So really, I was looking for a healthier style of restaurant meal delivered to my door, but preferably something a little out of the ordinary.

The Little Plate ticked all those boxes.  Some interesting global flavours, fresh ingredients, and something a little different.  Reading their website later, their dishes are designed to share, and feature the chefs’ “favourite flavours, born from memories of childhood, from adventures with friends, from great times, and mad weekends“.  Love it!

So back to our dinner: a couple of clicks on the app, and our food was on its way.  27 minutes later, and our UberEATS deliverer (bicycle deliveryperson?) was at our door with the familiar, deliciously scented brown paper bag.  Pictured are the (from top right) Hummus Persian Lamb, Turkish bread, side salad and Star Anise Szechuan Pepper Prawns.

The Little Plate from UberEATS, Relish Food Blog

I started with the Hummus Persian Lamb – with pine nuts, parsley, mint, pomegranate and grilled turkish bread ($25).  The lamb mince was earthy and flavoursome with crunchy pine nuts, resting atop creamy, earthy hummus.  The lemon helped to add a lovely sour flavour and cut through the richness of the dish.  This was topped with some sweet, crunchy pomegranate seeds with a fresh, delicious side salad flavoured with mint.  The lamb was also served with a generous portion of Turkish bread which was fresh and had been grilled, giving it a lovely smokey flavour.

Hummus Persian Lamb from The Little Plate, Relish Food BlogSime and I were sharing, so next up for me was the Star Anise Szechuan Pepper Prawns with crispy fried green bean, chilli, sambal, jasmine rice and lime ($27).   What a great dish.  Plump, perfectly cooked, fresh prawns, with some slightly crispy beans and sprouts and a delicious spicy sambal flavour.  The sweet, clean flavour of the Jasmine rice was (not surprisingly) perfect with the dish.  A well executed Asian dish, especially considering I’d just had some authentic Middle Eastern flavours.

Szechuan Prawns from The Little Plate, Relish Food Blog

With the mains, came the option to order a side salad ($6).  Now I’m not sure about you, but when I order a side salad I usually don’t expect much, so this was a very pleasant surprise.  Fresh (and I mean fresh) mixed greens, with pomegranate, tomato, cucumber, spanish onions, fresh herbs and a light viniagrette.  We both loved it.

Side salad from The Little Plate, Relish Food Blog

We both really enjoyed our meal from The Little Plate and would absolutely eat there again.  Sime loved the fact that if you don’t want to share and feel like something totally different, there are plenty of options.  I think The Little Plate via UberEATS has the potential to be a fab at home date (you could really impress someone with this food).

But overall we both loved the fresh, delicious, well executed food from this hidden gem and recommend you give them a try.

The Little Plate
3 Deodar Drive, Burleigh Heads
Monday to Friday 5pm till late, Saturday and Sunday 12pm till late
Find them on:


Available from the App Store or Google Play
Find them on:



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