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GC Take-In Fest Part 3: The Good Wolf, Miami

On a lazy Friday night, what’s not to love about a gourmet burger delivered to your door?  We’ve always loved The Good Wolf, so thought we’d put it to the UberEATS test as part of my GC Take-In Fest 2017.

The Good Wolf has been our favourite burger on the GC to date, and it’s easy to see why: they’ve won #1 Best Takeaway on the Gold Coast (GC Bulletin, 2015), and #3 Burgers on the Coast (GC Bulletin, 2016).  Plus they get consistently good reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

In the past we’ve dined in a few times, but things can be different when you get them home delivered.  So what was it like?

The Good Wolf offers a limited menu via UberEATS, that at first seems more expensive than the dine-in prices.  But fear not, that’s because your take-in burger includes chips and a drink (plus you can add a range of delicious extras to your burger).

As usual UberEATS app was super easy, offering me the choice to add extras, and then see the progress between our order and its arrival at our door.  Total time to delivery was 33 minutes which is pretty good!  And here it is:

The Good Wolf delivered by UberEATS, Relish Food and Life

With the reduced menu we did miss the option of a favourite of ours: the Buffalo Fries.  You may ask, what are Buffalo Fries?  Fries with Parmesan, Louisiana Hot Sauce and blue cheese dip ($7.9).  They’re as good as they sound (side note: pleeease offer these fries home delivered Good Wolf team, they are the bomb – although the standard fries we ordered were still delish!).

I opted for the Standard Burger with extra pickles, a side of chips with Parmesan and a water ($23 plus 0.5 each for pickles and Parmesan).  The Standard Burger: 170g hand pressed beef pattie, American cheese, mustard relish, onions, ketchup, lettuce, tomato and beetroot.  What an awesome burger – clearly a hand made well seasoned pattie cooked medium rare, fresh salad ingredients (I loved the beetroot), the sauce was piquant and the home made crunchy pickles are the bomb.  All on a nice fresh bun.  Check out those nice chunky pickles:

Standard Burger from The Good Wolf, Relish Food and Life

Simon ordered Craig’s Famous Double Cheeseburger add pickles and jalapeños, with a side of chips with Parmesan and a water  ($25 plus 0.5 each for pickles, jalapeños and parmesan).  The Double Cheeseburger: 2 x hand pressed 100g beef patties, American cheese, bacon, onions, mustard relish, ketchup and pickles.  The verdict?  “That was the best Cheeseburger I’ve ever had”.  That is high praise indeed coming from my husband who is as fussy (I roll with “discerning”) as me.   Sime said the beef patties tasted great, bacon was perfect accompaniment, handmade pickles were a crunchy and sweet standout, and overall it was just great (see the bacon, pickles and jalapeños peeping out?):

Double Cheeseburger from The Good Wolf, Relish Food and Life

This is our second gourmet burger Take-In order.  So between Burgster and The Good Wolf, who wins?  We both vote The Good Wolf for Burgers and on this occasion, Burgster on Fries.  Both contenders do a great job and I’d encourage you to try them both.  And with this rainy weather we’ve been having, it’s the perfect excuse to order in!

The Good Wolf
Shop 3, Miami Village Shopping Centre, 110 Mountainview Ave, Miami
Find them on:


Available from the App Store or Google Play
Find them on:



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  • Helen 10 November, 2017, 6:56 am

    Hello Ali,

    Thank you for your lovely blog on The Good Wolf. We are happy you enjoyed your Ubereats experience. I am one of the owners of The Good Wolf, Helen and my husband Craig is the chef (not sure if we have met?)

    I wanted to let you know, that if you would like to order the buff fries via Ubereats, it is possible.
    Just add sauces (hot sauce and Blue)
    When ordering your burger, ask for parmesan as the seasoning on your chips.
    These are all the elements needed for Buffalo Fries. Horray!

    I look forward to reading your Melbourne blogging, as we are heading there this weekend.

    Kind regards

    Helen Pope
    PS. Random question, but we are looking for a good chef to replace our current one who’s visa is about to run out, if you know of anyone, can you let them know we are hiring?

    • Relish 13 November, 2017, 12:55 pm

      Hi Helen
      Thanks for your comment, we probably have met before, we’ve visited a couple of times ;).
      Thanks for the tip on your amazing Buffalo Fries, will definitely do that next time.
      Unfortunately no upcoming Melbourne trips at the moment, but do drop me an email if you like, happy to give you my top picks down there. Think I’m a bit late this time, regardless hope you had a great (and delicious) trip!
      Kind regards
      p.s. although I don’t know of anyone at the moment I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Good chefs are hard to find!

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