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The Lord of the Fries opening, Surfers Paradise

Rejoice, fry and chip lovers.  For there is a new kid in town serving a delicious range of your favourite fried crispy potato snacks. With lots of sauces to make your mouth water.   AND burgers.  And as an added benefit, it’s sneaky vegan!

This food blogger was pretty happy to be invited along to the opening of the new Lord of the Fries store in Surfers Paradise.  I’ve been eyeing them off since they first opened on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne years ago.  If you didn’t know this about me, I. love. fries.

My husband always laughs at me, because whenever I get any kind of illness or malady, I crave fresh, hot fries (I’ll use fries interchangeably here with chips… fried potato yumminess).  I swear they fix my tummy upsets, and a hot chip sandwich with lashings of butter and tomato sauce is my hangover cure.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Lord, you may have seen them before.  Think of 4 different styles of fries, served with your choice of 12 different sauces.  Add to that some tasty burgers and dogs, and you have vegan fast food heaven.

One of the co-founders of Lord of the Fries, Mandy, came along to the opening to tell us the story of how their business was born.  Inspiring stuff: starting with little to no budget, cooking hot chips in a tiny caravan at music festivals until they were ready to open their first store.  Mandy and her husband had always been health conscious, so wanted to start a business that ticked some healthy boxes and of course, that the people were asking for.  Result? Fast food + vegan = happy punters.  They are now up to between 17 to 20 stores (some are still in their pre-opening stages), and counting.

At the opening, the Surfers Paradise team served us a selection of their whole menu (woo hoo!).  So I thought I’d share my top 5 highlights with you.  In other words, what would I order if I went back?  These 5 aren’t in any particular order as I enjoyed them all:

  1. Spicy burger mini size ($5.5): for an all vegan burger this had a great taste, with a vegan pattie, cheese, onion, lettuce, spicy mayo and jalapeños.  I really think non-vegans will be surprised at how good this burger is.  The bun was nice and fresh, the vegan pattie was yummy, overall a tasty burger.

Spicy mini burger, Lord of the Fries, Relish Food and Life2. Sweet potato fries served with classic fries (all fries are kids $4.5, regular $6 and large $7.5): the sweet potato fries were equal favourite with the chunky fries (coming up soon) as they were nice and crispy and sweet.  Pictured are some of the side sauces we sampled, to be honest it was hard to keep track of them with so many options.  Saucy highlights for me were the Belgian and Parisian.  And really, mayo and fries is the bomb (Sauces are $1.5 for Classic and $3 for Deluxe).

Sweet potato and classic fries from Lord of the Fries, Relish Food and Life

3. Original burger mini size ($5.50): because I’m a spice lover, after the spicy burger I wondered how flavoursome this one would be, but it was really tasty.   On a fresh bap (flour bun), a vegan pattie with cheese (well, vegan cheese) and salad, with mustard, mayo and tomato sauce.

Original burger from Lord of the Fries, Relish Food and Life

4. Chunky fries served with shoestring fries (for fries and sauces pricing see [2] above): as an old fashioned Queensland Potato Scallop lover (fun fact: they are called potato cakes elsewhere in Oz and in my experience, aren’t quite as good), I just love a chunky fry.  I’m actually partial to steaming some potatoes and home and then crispy frying them in lots of butter.  But I digress.  These chunky fries had a mix of a little crunch and soft, fluffy potato texture on the inside.  The shoestrings were not super crunchy but nice, fresh and perfectly seasoned.

Shoe string and chunky fries from Lord of the Fries, Relish Food and Life

5. Vego Hazelnut chocolate: a surprise addition to our meal was a share portion of a Vego Bar.  Which is a vegan chocolate bar, made with Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts.  I love hazelnuts.  Not the tiny little flakes some tightwad chocolate makers put in their bars, but whole, full flavoured, crunchy, creamy hazelnuts.  This chocolate is divine.  Get yo’self one.  That is all.

vegoBar from Lord of the Fries, Relish Food and Life

As a confirmed fry lover I’d absolutely recommend you visit The Lord.  For those vegans or vegetarians out there who have skeptical friends, guess what?  The Lord doesn’t advertise its Veganism in big flashing letters.  So do yourself and your friends a favour, next time you’re choosing fast food, give the Lord a try.

Lord of the Fries
Paradise Centre on the Mall, 8-10 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise
Sunday to Thursday 11am to 10pm, Friday 11am to 2am, Saturday 11am to 4am
Find them on:



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