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High Tea at the Sheraton, Main Beach

Ok this is going to sound a bit wanky but here goes… I’ve been to high tea pretty much everywhere on the Gold Coast*, sometimes more than once.  So now I’ve admitted it, there’s one place that I think is consistently a cut above the rest and that’s why I’m blogging about it – The Sheraton.

I’ve been for high tea at The Sheraton about 4 or 5 times now and each time the quality and quantity of food is very good, the location and pool / ocean view is lovely and the service is of a high standard.  Not sure I’d try a coffee there, but their tea is good and the package that includes the champers is also definitely worth trying.

The price – $32.50 for high tea, or $37.50 for high tea including champagne.  I say if you’re having high tea, have the champers too!  So we did – I think it was Domain Chandon, very nice indeed.

As you can see when the high tea arrives it looks pretty impressive – so here are some details on what was on each tier:

Middle tier – On the day we visited our sandwiches included a rye bread roll with prosciutto and salad and a slice of baguette with prawn, asparagus and dill mayo.  Both were fresh and tasty.  We also had a mini quiche (?) which I think had some melted gruyere on it, delish.  Lastly some cheddar cheese with crackers and quince paste, also tasty.

Bottom tier – the scones (2 each) are usually slightly warm and come with either raspberry or strawberry jam and cream.  I have been to another notable 5 (6?) star hotel that serves high tea only to have to ask for more jam and cream… thankfully the Sheraton provides just enough.

Top tier – contained some blueberry tartlets which were quite nice, coconut and pineapple sponge which was lovely, and some macarons.  I have to say, not a major fan of macarons, although maybe I haven’t had an exceptional one yet?  Recommendations welcome!

We finished up with a tea each, loose leaf and served in a pot with a strainer (take note other venues – tea bags are not on for high tea!).  If I was to be super picky, I’d say they should offer some more tea options like French Earl Grey or creative herbal blends.

So as I said in the beginning of this post, the reason you are reading this is because I recommend you visit and enjoy high tea at The Sheraton.  Tip – ask for the seat closest to the window for a lovely view, but make sure you book early to get it!

*There is one place I’d like to try for high tea – Videre at Royal Pines.  Trouble is, they’re only open on weekends and that’s when I have baby duty… taking 5 month old twins to high tea isn’t really on is it? (Is it!?… kidding, it isn’t).

Loo review: as a 5 star hotel the loos are kept immaculately clean but they look a bit down at heel, and I think that’s after a recent refurb… 7/10

71 Seaworld Drive,  Main Beach, 5577 0000

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  • Paris 17 August, 2014, 9:28 am

    I enjoyed reading your review and have booked high tea for next week with a few girlfriends. I’ve even asked for the window seat :) Thanks for posting :)

    • Relish 17 August, 2014, 1:11 pm

      Hi kewpiedol3
      Thanks for your comment, hope you enjoy your high tea, I highly recommend having the champagne with high tea (yum!). It’s been a while since I’ve been so I hope they are keeping up the good work. Another place I’ve tried twice and also love (for next time – you can never have enough high tea!) is Teavine House in Tallebudgera Valley.
      Kind regards
      Ali :)

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